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Last Light TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Last Light TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Last Light cast: Matthew Fox, Joanne Froggatt, Alyth Ross. Last Light Release Date: 8 September 2022 (Peacock). Last Light Episodes: 5. Last Light is looking full of Thriller. “Last Light,” the forthcoming Peacock platforms adaptation of apocalyptic novel with the same name written by Alex Scarrow. Five episodes from the series are written and directed by Dennie Gordon.

Last Light is a French Thriller TV Series (2022). Matthew Fox, Joanne Froggatt, Alyth Ross are the main cast of Last Light TV Series (2022). Matthew Fox’s proposal to lead The cast for Last Light, both as actor and executive producer, led him to reconsider his views on family matters. In a different order and asked if he would prefer traditional TV or streaming paid. Last Light release on Peacock 8 September 2022.

Peacock releases the official trailer for Last Light, and by the look of it the return of Fox to the television screen is nothing short of spectacular. The trailer features Fox as petrochemist Andy who has to face an environmental catastrophe The world’s supply of oil is rapidly decreasing. It was directed in Prague, Paris, and Abu Dhabi The trailer is set to travel the world and features thrilling action scenes as well as fierce battle scenes between Fox and his comrades.

Last Light Plot:

Your family. Your world. What if all of it vanished in the next day? If the world were to collapse in a matter of hours, what would you do to save those you are devoted to?

Last Light Detail:

TV Series: Last Light (2022)
Network: Peacock
Main Stars: Matthew Fox, Joanne Froggatt, Alyth Ross
Genre: Thriller
Country: France
Release Date: 8 September 2022 (Peacock)
Season: 1
Episodes: 5
Filming locations: Prague, Czech Republic
Also Known As: Last Light, Last Light Season 1, Last Light (2022)

Last Light Cast:

Matthew Fox As Andy Yeats
Joanne Froggatt As Elena Yeats
Alyth Ross As Laura Yeats
Taylor Fay As Sam Yeats
Amber Rose Revah As Mika Bakhash
Victor Alli As Owen Jones
Tom Wlaschiha As Karl Bergmann
Jim High As Agent Robert Thompson
Felix Sandman As Ash
Aziz Gharbawi As Farooq
Hakeem Jomah As Baraa
Alex Montyro As Agent Sterns
James Beaumont As MI6 Officer
Andrej Polák As Pesivic
Aneta Kernová As Robin
Anna Rust As Anna
Sinead Phelps As Jill
Jamie Marshall As Bill The Barman
Jenn Kirk As Ellie
Alena Doláková As Agent Connor (MI6)
Michael Pitthan As Dr. Gawande
Adam Vacula As Hassan
Roy McCrerey As Prime Minister
Judith Georgi As Ms Elliot
Paul A Maynard As Border Officer 1
Abigail Rice As Nurse
Anezka Rusevová As Nurse
Ayelet Halamish As Afghani Woman
Klara Cibulova As Nurse 2021
Jassem Mougari As Ben Salim
Filip Finkelstejn As MI6 Tech Agent
Lukas Novotny As UK Soldier

Fox is the petrochemist Andy Yeats, who “knows how dependent the world is on oil,” according to the official description by Peacock. “During the course of a business trip in the Middle East, he notices there’s something wrong with the supply of oil in the world and triggers an unintended chain reaction. Transportation has slowed to a standstill and law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed. Andy’s teen eco-warrior daughter lives on her own in London and their wife Elena and his son who is disabled is in Paris.

The Lost Alum Matthew Fox is returning to the screen in the very first episode since his ABC show ended its drama the year 2010. The actor will be appearing in Peacock’s upcoming program, Last Light. The series, which is a thriller, will air on the 8th of September on Peacock. The series will consist of five 60-minute episodes that will be released on the day of its premiere. This apocalyptic world is the foundation of Last Light, Peacock’s new post-apocalyptic thriller.

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