Le Roi des Ombres Aka In His Shadow (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Le Roi des Ombres Aka In His Shadow (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

In His Shadow cast: Kaaris, Alassane Diong, Carl Malapa. In His Shadow Director: Marc Fouchard. In His Shadow Release Date: 17 March 2023 (Netflix). In His Shadow is looking full of Crime, Drama, Thriller. The film is based on the original concept by Kaaris who was inspired by an old Malian legend, and adapted his vision to Parisian suburbs.

Le Roi des Ombres Aka In His Shadow is a French Drama-Thriller movie (2023). Kaaris, Alassane Diong, Carl Malapa are the main cast of Le Roi des Ombres Aka In His Shadow (2023). In His Shadow’ first feature film. However, the rapper, who is recognized for his achievements in music, has been recognized numerous times in the film industry. The film is directed by Olivier Marchal. Le Roi des Ombres Aka In His Shadow is scheduled to release on Netflix on 17 March 2023.

The details aren’t yet disclosed about the project. But, we are aware that the story will be based on an ancient African legend. The legend of the famous king will be adapted to modern-day France. We can say it’s likely to be fascinating! The story, as well as the stories and legends that are woven into it, travel through Africa as well as the West. However, Kaaris seems very impatient to reveal this project.

In His Shadow Plot:

Following the passing of their fathers Two half-brothers end up facing each other in an increasing conflict that is threatening to end with tragic consequences.

In His Shadow Detail:

Movie: Le Roi des Ombres Aka In His Shadow (2023)
Network: Netflix
Director: Marc Fouchard
Writer: Marc Fouchard
Main Stars: Kaaris, Alassane Diong, Carl Malapa
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 17 March 2023 (Netflix)
Also known As: У його тіні, Le Roi des Ombres, Le Roi des Ombres Netflix, In His Shadow, In His Shadow (2023)

In His Shadow Cast:

Kaaris As Ibrahim
Alassane Diong As Adama
Carl Malapa As Malik
Assa Sylla As Aïssata
Issaka Sawadogo As Ousmane
Hassam Ghancy As Chérif
Mareme N’Diaye As Maimouna
Tatiana Rojo As Agna
Jonas Dinal As Oumar
Mylène Wagram As Songolo
Josée Schuller As Madame Diop
Aksel Ustun As Anthony
Fahmi Guerbaa As Kamel
Thibault Cathalifaud As Tomtom
Anas Mennou As Colosse Bâtiment C
Edéa Darcque As Amie Agna 1
Hadidiatou Sakho As Amie Agna 2
Cheikh Oumar Sow As Adama
Emma Kiakanda As Aïssata
Simon Aouizerate As Malik
Durel Nkounkou As Ibrahim
Christopher Loremat As Ibrahim
Alia Aouachria As Safia
Dreyfus Gbadjale As Kangourang
Faress Belyazid As Sami
Ali Ouchinka As Samir
David Dey As José
Malika Zairi As Bouchra
Romain Deloutre As Policier Bleu
Amin Riahi As Chauffard
Zakaria Khadiri As Passager chauffard
Booba Diallo As Jeune d’escalier 1
Axel Danon As Jeune d’escalier 2
Maka Diarra As Jeune d’escalier 3
Samuel Lagnier As Jeune d’escalier 4
Mohamed Zairi As Ousmane crew 1
Eric Pounewatchy As Ousmane crew 2
Farid Akermi As Ousmane crew 3
Driss Haidara As Ibrahim crew 1
Christopher Minkoulou As Ibrahim crew 2
Valentin Pradier As Policier BAC 2
David Smagliante As Policer BAC 1
Hermann Makanda As Dealer
Mohamed Lemine Soumare As Chouf
Mustapha Benameur As Tortionnaire
Samuel Jouy As Eddy

Adama’s fragile balance is threatening to collapse As Ibrahim plunges into chaos and violence. To save his mother and closest friend Adama is forced to confront his half-brother and accept his fate. The film is a family-oriented film that is based on the original idea of Kaaris who was in the spirit of an ancestral Malian legend and adapted into the suburbs surrounding Paris. It’s a feature-length film that is a story about Adama who is played by actress Alassane Diang.

It’s not the first time Kaaris has made his debut in the realm of cinema. In 2016, the film Braqueurs written by Julien Léclercq Kaaris got his first film appearance in a big-screen film acting as the leader of a group made up of dealers who are from Sevran. The following year the actor shared Lukas’s movie trailer with Jean-Claude van Damme. This is not the first time we’ll get the chance to witness Sevran’s Sevran perform in the realm of cinema However, this time will be distinct.

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