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Letters to Satan Claus (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Letters to Satan Claus (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Letters to Satan Claus cast: Karen Knox, Franco Lo Presti, Michael Xavier. Letters to Satan Claus Director: Emma Jean Sutherland. Letters to Satan Claus Release Date: 19 December 2020 (Syfy). Letters to Satan Claus is looking full of Comedy, Horror. Now I,m going to tells you all about Letters to Satan Claus (2020).

Letters to Satan Claus is an American Comedy-Horror Movie (2020). Karen Knox, Franco Lo Presti, Michael Xavier are the main cast of Letters to Satan Claus (2020). The impending film by SyFy done in the style of Lifetime and Hallmark, Letters to Satan Claus. Letters to Satan Claus circulating December nineteenth on SYFY.

Meeting and working with you, seeing what a professional and a manager you are, was unadulterated joy. Somebody has, at last, made a Christmas film. Searching for an unnerving turn this Christmas season? Make certain to get Mike Zara’s occasion blood and gore movie, Letters to Satan Claus debuting Dec nineteenth on syfy! The best Christmas present is the point at which you will compose and deliver a “Trademark Christmas” style promotion for a syfy film.

Letters to Satan Claus Plot:

Letters to Satan Claus spins around Holly who, subsequent to getting back to her old neighborhood of Ornaments as a major city journalist, goes head to head with the evil spirit of her past after a basic mistake made in her letter to Santa. It’s an innocuous misstep that gathers Satan to slaughter her folks.

Letters to Satan Claus Wiki:

Movie: Letters to Satan Claus (2020)
Network: Syfy
Director: Emma Jean Sutherland
Writer: Michael Zara
Main Stars: Karen Knox, Franco Lo Presti, Michael Xavier
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 19 December 2020 (Syfy)
Also known As: Letters to Satan Claus, Letters to Satan Claus Syfy, Letters to Satan Claus (2020), Syfy Christmas 2020, Syfy Christmas Movies

Letters to Satan Claus Cast:

Karen Knox As Holly
Franco Lo Presti As Sam
Michael Xavier As Noel
Miriam McDonald As Mayor Danica
Joseph Cannata As Chris
Juno Rinaldi As Aunt Becky
Daniel Kash As Kevin Kevins
Jessica Clement As Faith
Perrie Voss As Cookie
Jana Peck As Satan / Santa
Marni Van Dyk As Kristy
Maya Misaljevic As Little Holly
Alex Harrouch As Chad
Josette Halpert As Candace
Morgan Lever As John Smith
Victoria Kucher As Eve
Rashaana Cumberbatch As Joy
Ucal Shillingford As Cole
Daniel Falk As Nick Winters
Xavier Lopez As Jack
Spencer Robson As Dean
Christo Graham As Cameron
Fabienne Hodge-Carter As Little Cookie

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