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Lies Between Friends (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Lies Between Friends (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Lies Between Friends cast: Zibby Allen, Peter Benson, Matreya Scarrwener. Lies Between Friends Release Date: 31 July 2022 (Lifetime). Lies Between Friends Director: Ann Forry. Lies Between Friends is looking full of Thriller. This film charts the tale of restoration expert Joss Jenner who is invited to join her former college pals to attend a weekend-long reunion. However, jealousies from the past and deep-seated secrets result in murder which is why Joss will do everything to determine who’s responsible.

Lies Between Friends is a Thriller movie (2022). Zibby Allen, Peter Benson, Matreya Scarrwener are the main cast of Lies Between Friends (2022). The film explores the notions of revenge, betrayal and the lengths people go to to keep their secrets. Lies Between Friends is a thriller that is thrilling and suspenseful that will keep the audience on their toes until the very final. Lies Between Friends release on Lifetime 31 July 2022.

The forthcoming movie Lies Between Friends tells the story of a wealthy family whose life is completely turned upside down when the daughter of an acquaintance comes to stay with them for a short period of time. The girl is played by debutant Sophia Lynn, is a talented musician who quickly draws the attention of the son of the family, who is played by Chase Coleman. As the two youngsters begin to develop a connection and share secrets from their past, they can threaten to ruin all.

Lies Between Friends Plot:

A family with wealth is thrown into turmoil when the 18-year-old daughter of a friend from the family is invited to stay with the family for a couple of weeks.

Lies Between Friends Detail:

Movie: Lies Between Friends (2022)
Network: Lifetime
Director: Ann Forry
Writer: Lauren Balson Carter
Main Stars: Zibby Allen, Peter Benson, Matreya Scarrwener
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Release Date: 31 July 2022 (Lifetime)
Also Known As: Lies Between Friends, Lies Between Friends (2022), Lifetime Movies

Lies Between Friends Cast:

Zibby Allen
Peter Benson
Matreya Scarrwener

Lies Between Friends is a captivating drama that explores the nature of friendship, family, and betrayal. With its captivating storyline and stellar actors, Lies Between Friends is certain to be one of the most talked about films of this year. In the upcoming movie Lies Between Friends, director Ann Forry explores the complicated relationship between the two. It follows Zibby Allen and Matreya Scarrwener. The cast includes Peter Benson and Lauren Balson Carter, Lies Between Friends is bound to be an enlightening and emotionally charged movie.

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