Little America Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Little America Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Little America Season 2 cast: Peggy Lu, Sasha Frolova, Alan Kim. Little America Season 2 Release Date: 9 December 2022 (Apple TV+). Little America Season 2 Episodes: 8. Little America is looking full of Comedy. Based on Epic Magazine’s Little America column, the series features sections of the stories of immigrants who moved to America.

Little America is an American Comedy TV Series. Peggy Lu, Sasha Frolova, Alan Kim are the main cast of Little America Season 2. The third chapter focuses on the story that led Nigerian Iwegbuna in America. In 1981, Iwegbuna was currently a student at the University of Oklahoma. Here, the student tries to adapt to his food as well as his fellow citizens. Little America Season 2 release on Apple TV+ 9 December 2022.

The show has been authorized for the second season prior it beginning, appears to have garnered lots of attention due to the initial season, which consists of eight episodes. In a region such as America in which immigrants are extremely numerous and the reverse is not ignored. The episodes of Little America are based on authentic stories published in Epic Magazine. The two, who were recognized as nominees for the Oscar to screenplay is set to do an excellent job on Little America as well.

Little America Season 2 Plot:

Based on the real stories published in Epic Magazine, “Little America” will go beyond headlines to explore the hilarious romantic, heartfelt, romantic amazing, and surprising stories of immigrants from America that are more relevant today more than ever.

Little America Season 2 Detail:

TV Series: Little America Season 2
Network: Apple TV+
Main Stars: Peggy Lu, Sasha Frolova, Alan Kim
Genres: Comedy
Country: United State
Language: English
Release Date: 9 December 2022 (Apple TV+)
Season: 2
Episodes: 8
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 95%
Google Rating: 68% liked this TV show
Location: Filming Locations: New Jersey, USA
Also Known As: Little America, Little America (2022), Little America Season 2

Little America Season 2 Cast:

Peggy Lu As Sying
Sasha Frolova As Yana
Alan Kim As Luke Song
Shiori Ideta As Yoshiko
Hanad Abdi As Jibril
Stacy Ann Rose As Ines
Isuri Wijesundara As Sachini
Victoria Canal
Mohammad Amiri
Teresa Ruiz
Michael Chernus As Paul
Barkhad Abdi As Mohamed
Ki Hong Lee As Older Luke Song
Elham Ehsas
Bernard White As Hashan Chandrasekara
Sasha Compère As Priscilla
Zachary Shadrin As Maksim
June Squibb As Mrs. Danforth
Rebecca Hazlewood As Reena
Lily Mae Harrington As Juliana
Sathya Sridharan As Rehan Ariyasinghe
Lee Jeong-eun As Mama Song
Faysal Ahmed As Idris
Michal Birnbaum As Hannah Shanowitz
Anna Suzuki As Kazuko
Thushari Jayasekera As Shiromi Chandrasekara
Phylicia Rashad As Margaret Jean the Queen
James Saito As Ray
Monika Gossmann As Irina
Britney Young As Candy
Ali Olomi As Fawad Nadiri
Kyle S. More As Wayne the Brain
Jill Holden As Judy
Gulet Isse As Sammy
Layla Alizada As Lailom Nadiri
Bruce Baek As Jin-ho
Carol Herman As Agnes
Sean T. Krishnan As Mr. Gaswami
Musa Aden As Geesi
Aleque Reid As Heather
Riley Jackson As Elkie
Wyatt Lindner As Teddy
Melissa Weisz As Golde
Marshall Manesh As Abdul
Rita Zohar As Vizhnitz Woman
Arianna Ortiz As Natalie
Annie Korzen As Cookie
Raymond McAnally As Subway
Lori Jean Wilson As Lorraine
Daniel Chung As Rajon
Nimo Liré As Hani
John Ales As Harrison
Stephen Guarino As Ted Moss
Nadia Quinn As Thea
Ser Anzoategui As Judy
Eliza Shin As Prosthetist
Rama Vallury As Viraj
Zachary Fineman As Gavin
Mishka Yarovoy As Brent
Sherilyn Fenn As Laura Bush
Madison Dylan As Janine
Connor Weil As Bradley
Julanne Chidi Hill As Mrs. Ellis
Melissa Jo Bailey As Administrator
Britny Horton As Nieh
Fray Forde As Heath
Mahwash Mahwash As Zahir’s Grandmother
Shugri Salh As Jibril’s Mother
Terryn Westbrook As Ms. Dunning
Corinne Reilly As Dawn
London Covington As Young Priscilla
Leo Etemadi As Young Zahir
Kevin Andrew Grady As Martin
Yemi Cole As Ashley
Abdimalik Ahmed As Aden
Bonnie Hellman As Lorraine Dillon
Dan Warner As Geoffry
Jodi Carol Harrison As Corin
Natasha Goubskaya As Officiant
Peggy Dunne As Karen
Melanie Curtis-Andrews As Mrs. Nelson
Farah Hagar As Patron
Liz Richman As Shira
Sarah McLean As Diane
Sharmaarke Mohamed As Patron
David Rosenblatt As Sensitive Intellectual
Christopher Carrington As Pastor James
Aarya Arthanayake As Young Sachini
Khalil Ragheb As Shoemaker
Jack Yaeger As Staring Boy
Joshua Hoover As Scott
Anastasia Edwards As Vika
Thomas Dominick DeBone As Petey
James Taku Leung As Street Vendor
Todd Aaron Brotze As Biochem Professor
Sara Rose Thibaut As Annie Oakleys Players
Gethun Asfaw As Older Regular
JJ Snyder As News Anchor
Angel Giuffria As Amelia
Irina Dubova As Babushka
Tayeb Jasoor As Talib
Hilary Curwen As Leba
Erik Marion As Craig Knauer
Perry Lee Barber As Umpire
Timothy Davis-Reed As Dave
Bella Leia As Naomi
Trent Mills As Peter
Felice Heather Monteith As Gaswami’s Assistant
Hailey Soomin Lee As Constance
Sean Spann As News Anchor
Deena Freeman As Raisa
Lucy Boryer As Cynthia
Annie Heller As Grace
Samuel Parker As Student
Alisa Murray As Niecy
Alan Heitz As Truck Driver
Peter James Smith As Christopher
Stacey Swift As Charlotte
Eric Normington As Conner

In a show that was inspired by the real accounts that are featured in Epic Magazine, ‘Little America is a step beyond the headlines and tells first-person tales of the most entertaining, touching, emotional, inspirational, and enthralling stories of immigrants living in America. The United States now that they play a greater role than ever before in the world. The new season earned 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes during its first season. The show will return with eight brand-new stories.

A Belizean woman (Stacy Rose) who is employed by a group that is comprised of Hasidic Jews in New York as well as the story of a Korean male (Ki Hong Lee) who designs the hats used by Detroit’s churches of black in the 1980s; and finally, the tale of a 40-year-old Japanese woman living in Columbus, Ohio (Shiori Ideta) who’s goal is to establish an all-women’s league in order to realize her sporting ambition. The cost to make is, of course, the uprooting of the family, financial hardships, pressure to make it happen or, more often.

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