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Long Slow Exhale TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Long Slow Exhale TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Long Slow Exhale cast: Jazmine Stewart, Samantha Bartow, Ian Harding. Long Slow Exhale Release Date: 4 April 2022 (Spectrum). Long Slow Exhale Episodes: 12. Long Slow Exhale is looking full of Drama. The drama about basketball has a premiere date as well as a trailer. It stars Rose Rollins, Josh Lucas, and Ian Harding

Long Slow Exhale is an American Drama TV Series (2022). Jazmine Stewart, Samantha Bartow, Ian Harding are the main cast of Long Slow Exhale TV Series (2022). Long Show Exhale will be coming soon to Spectrum Originals. The series will take viewers inside the realm of female basketball. Long Slow Exhale release on Spectrum 4 April 2022.

The first three episodes will air exclusively to Spectrum (available for streaming for free) on April 4. The gripping series of 12 episodes will release three episodes each over the course of three weeks to the final episode on April 25, Monday.” The news was announced recently that Ian was selected to be a part of the forthcoming Spectrum Originals series, ‘Long Slow Exhale’.

Long Slow Exhale Plot:

J.C. Abernathy, the effective lead trainer of a cutthroat ladies’ school ball group, winds up in the center of a possibly profession-breaking embarrassment that drives her to give her very best to safeguard her players, her family, and her vocation.

Long Slow Exhale Detail:

TV Series: Long Slow Exhale (2022)
Network: Spectrum
Main Stars: Jazmine Stewart, Samantha Bartow, Ian Harding
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 4 April 2022 (Spectrum)
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Also known As: Long Slow Exhale, Long Slow Exhale Season 1, Long Slow Exhale (2022), Spectrum Show

Long Slow Exhale Cast:

Jazmine Stewart As Verdell
Samantha Bartow As Shannon
Ian Harding As Eddie
Gabrielle Byndloss As Vivian
Donovan Elmore As Logan
Omer Mughal As Reporter
Melissa Saint-Amand As Claire Brockman
Randy Austin As Garth Bowman
Jaiden Kaine As Deputy Belmont
C.J. LeBlanc As Grant Simms
Dreshawn L Jenkins As Student
Chelle Ramos As Ada Powaukee
Amy Parrish As Debra Crawford
Shay Mack As Marley
Diany Rodriguez As Mason Holt
Enya Flack As Gillian Porter
Shein Mompremier As Amanda Mosley
Anabella Raye As Kate Ford
Britt Rentschler As Rachel Fleming
Shalini Bathina As Emily Fisk
Robert Pralgo As George Hanin
Kenny Alfonso As Jonothan Solis
Stephen Jared As Elliott Douglas
Betsy Borrego As Jessica Owens
Grace Junot As Megan Riley
Isaiah Jarel As Shawn Taylor
Naomi Mack As Sideline Reporter Holly
Marissa Chanel Hampton As Reporter
David A MacDonald As Coach Mel Cook
Kim Rosen As Basketball Fan
John Dixon As Patrol Officer
Jo-Ann Robinson As Booster
Aria Celeste Castillo As Bobbi
Carl Kennedy As Sergeant
Jamie Renell As Bob Driscoll
Faith Dillon As Vanburen Coach Tate
Babatunde Oyewo As Basketball Fan
Savage Houston As Guard
Sage Shirley As Fan
Lil Cory As Grad Student
Randall Rutledge As Basketball Game Fan
Marisa Blake As Garrett’s Secretary
Antonio Davis As Fan
Anthony McDowell As Charity event guest
Enrique Antonio As Man in club
Sam Brooks As Tyson Hopewell
Christopher Cocke As Assistant Basketball Coach
Eva Peterson As Pat Haines
Enajite Esegine As Jordan Duran
Ashton Tyler As Will Carter
Isabella LaBlanc As Elfrina
Tamica Wiley As Lieutenant
Claire Kendall Taetz As Braswell Player
Lyle Epps As Drayton Coach
Josh Lucas
Rose Rollins
Erin Ownbey As Bridget
Jana Allen As Female Reporter
Shalet Monique As Sideline Reporter
Lila Midkiff As Ro
Nicole Zyana As Naomi Tolbert
Eric Whitten As Bartender
Jacob Garcia As Tyee Powaukee
Leslie Black As Girls Mothers
Maxwell Highsmith As Bartender
Alex Dauphin As Female Announcer
DeShon Green As Ramona
Mark Hayes As Bouncer
Jaxon James As Shawn’s son
Solina Galo As Danni Powaukee
Famke Janssen As Dr. Melinda Barrington

The story is about JC Abernathy (Rose Rollins) who is the highly successful head coach of an elite basketball team for women who are caught in the middle of a possibly career-threatening sexual assault scandal. In the process of identifying her secrets to discover the truth, she’s faced with decisions that affect her, her family, and the children who depend on her.

Made by Veasey that was directed by cropper long exhale that is long and slow follows j.c. Abernathy (Rollins) is the effective head coach for a highly competitive women’s basketball team that is caught in the midst of a devastating sexual assault scandal that could end her career. In order to uncover the truth, she’s required to make choices that affect her family, as well as the girls that depend upon her.

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  1. Trying to understand the end of Episode 12 in Season 1. When JC closes the door to her office after her secretary asks her if she murdered the Athletic Director, is it so she can tell her the full story or to kill her in order to cover up the truth?

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