Love in Taipei (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Love in Taipei (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer
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Love in Taipei is an American Comedy-Romance movie (2023). Love in Taipei cast: Ross Butler, Ashley Liao, Nico Hiraga. Love in Taipei Release Date: 11 August 2023 (Paramount+). Love in Taipei Director: Arvin Chen. Produced by the Taiwanese American Arvin Chen The film features Ashley Liao, Ross Butler and Taiwan-based TV personality Janet Hsieh.

In the story the protagonist is a young American girl is taken from her family to attend a cultural programme of immersion in Taipei in the spirit of the real-life experience of hundreds of Chinese or Taiwanese diaspora youths – where she embarks on a new adventure of self-discovery as well as romance.

Ever is shocked to find that she’s not registered for history or homework classes, but instead, a summer event that’s been dubbed”the “Loveboat” by the locals and students. Ever quickly lives the name he was given as he tries not to be a victim of two beautiful, but completely different guys vying for his interest.

Love in Taipei Plot:

A young 18-year-old Ever Wong, is taken by his parents from Ohio to Taiwan to learn Mandarin for the summer. However, she is revealed to be a free-for-all for teens which is known as “Loveboat”.

Love in Taipei Detail:

Movie: Love in Taipei (2023)
Network: Paramount+
Director: Arvin Chen
Writers: Mackenzie Dohr, Charlie Oh, Abigail Hing Wen
Main Stars: Ross Butler, Ashley Liao, Nico Hiraga
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 11 August 2023 (Paramount+)
Filming locations: Taipei, Taiwan
Also known As: Loveboat, Taipei, Love in Taipei, Love in Taipei Movie, Love in Taipei (2023)

Love in Taipei Cast:

Ross Butler As Rick Woo
Ashley Liao As Ever Wong
Nico Hiraga As Xavier Yeh
Chelsea Zhang As Sophie Ha
Cindy Cheung As Aunt Shu
Kelly Ko As The Dragon
Janet Hsieh As Aunt Claire
Elton Tang As Uncle David
Jacko Chiang As Mr. Wong
Alexia Kao As Mrs. Wong
Patty Chu As Mei Hwa
Albert Gei As Li Han
Ryan C. Tseng As Benji
Chris Yu As Spencer
Jerry Li As David
Sharon Kwan As Laura
Issa Wen As Debra
Tomohisa Kagami As Mr. Yeh
Jolie Chi As Mindy
Aggie Hsieh As Jenna
Chloe Fox As Megan
Will Ni Will Ni As Jeremy
Min Hu Min Hu As Dumpling Store Owner
Jingyi Bai As Street Vendor
Ricky Liu As Cool Kid
Tyler Ho As Cool Kid
Jack Song As Cool Kid
Angela Chang As Cool Kid
Sharon Huang As Cool Kid
Mason Lee As Marc

Ross Butler, Ashley Liao, Nico Hiraga are the main cast of Love in Taipei (2023). The coming-of-age film “Love in Taipei” based on the bestseller book “Loveboat, Taipei” will debut on a subscription-based online streaming service within Canada and the US as well as Canada. August.

We hope that you liked our post. The first images from “Love in Taipei promise to cover everything that is cinema-related, as well as series, and the world of films. Ever takes off on the journey of self-discovery while she pursues her passion for dance, and meets her parents’ expectations.

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