Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy cast: Taye Diggs, Keesha Sharp, Rob Brown. Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy Release Date: September 21, 2023 (BET+). Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy Director: Jaira Thomas. This is a brand new episode of Bet+’s film series, which focuses on the actual crimes that occurred. Directed by Courtney Miller.

Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy is an American Crime movie (2023). Taye Diggs, Keesha Sharp, Rob Brown are the main cast of Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy (2023). In the case of Sharp She will loan her appearance to Lance’s ex-wife Blair Herndon. The “successful Atlanta businessman, renowned for his work in transforming the 911 system in the city as well as for his sexually sexy ways.

Today, Diggs delivers an incredible performance as the tech entrepreneur in a brand new edition of his shocking and thrilling story that brought Atlanta and the entire nation to the streets when his murder was discovered. The two-part documentary retells Lance’s story as described by the diverse characters.

Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy Plot:

The story follows Lance who is a well-known Atlanta businessman renowned for overhauling his city’s 911 systems, as well as his love for women. There are a myriad of theories and assertions about who might have wished to be dead, when he’s found dead at his home.

Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy Detail:

Movie: Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy (2023)
Network: BET+
Director: Jaira Thomas
Writers: Gregory Anderson, Ron Stodghill
Main Stars: Taye Diggs, Keesha Sharp, Rob Brown
Genre: Crime
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: September 21, 2023 (BET+)
Also known As: Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy, Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy BET+, BET+ Movies

Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy Cast:

Taye Diggs As Lance
Keesha Sharp As Blair
Rob Brown As Carter brighton
Nicole Lyn As Khloe Cross
Apryl Jones As Harmony
Tye White As Prosecutor Ryan Sullivan
Ciera Payton As Sophia
Ernestine Johnson As Delyse
Thea Camara As Mrs. Piedmont
David Vaughn As Detective Colin De Luca
Jeff Campanella As Butler
Charles Ambrose As CEO Graham Burns
Mac Wells As Glenroy
Ken Colquitt As Mr. Leonard Piedmont
Maurice Godfrey As Mover
Maura Gale As Nosy Neighbor / Mrs. Perkins
Monica Pearson As Charlotte Ambrose
Patrick Young Jr. As Pat (Sophia’s boyfriend) (voice)
DJames Jones As Daniel Shaw
André Wilkerson As Lance’s Friend
George Kyriakopoulos As Max Green
Aja Morgan As Young Isabelle
Ja’Naydia Gaines As Church Goer
Elizabeth Fung As Midtown Secretary
Brittany Price As Beautiful Woman
Corey Ryter As Restaurant Patron
Julia Wojnarek As Lady In Black
Nerisa Brown As Marriage Counselor
Mai Lor Mai Lor As Gala Patron

The man who revolutionized Atlanta’s 911 system, and received the acclaim of an upcoming businessman by then-President Bill Clinton, Herndon was well-known as a handsome women’s man. Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy will be released on BET+ 21 September 2023.

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