Marry Me (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

Marry Me (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Marry Me cast: Jennifer Lopez, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Owen Wilson. Marry Me Release Date: 11 February 2022 (Peacock). Marry Me Box office: $50.5 million. Marry Me is looking full of Comedy, Music, Romance. Now I’m going to tell you all about Marry Me (2022).

Marry Me is an American Comedy-Romance movie (2022). Jennifer Lopez, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Owen Wilson are the main cast of Marry Me (2022). The film, in light of the “Marry Me” comic, is a comedy totally, but for certain emotional edges, as it happens to the consistently temperamental Owen Wilson, who assumes his part as a tragic comedian to an elevated expectation. Marry Me debut on Peacock 11 February 2022.

Directed by Kat Coiro, and with content by John Rogers, Tami Sagher, and Harper Dill, the film additionally features the job of Maluma, who steps forward extremely noble. Furthermore, it is that “Marry Me” is an account of adoration and awfulness that is going to hit venues that will show that a lady can successfully save her standing and pride and can begin a sentimental relationship of new, out of the blue.

Marry Me Plot:

Music hotshots Kat Valdez and Bastian are getting hitched before a worldwide crowd of fans. In any case, when Kat learns, seconds before her pledges, that Bastian has been faithless, she chooses to wed Charlie, an outsider in the group, all things considered.

Marry Me Detail:

Movie: Marry Me (2022)
Network: Peacock
Director: Kat Coiro
Writers: Harper Dill, Bobby Crosby, John Rogers
Main Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Owen Wilson
Genres: Comedy, Music, Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 11 February 2022 (Peacock)
Budget: $23 million
Box office: $50.5 million
Runtime: 1 hour 52 minutes
Also known As: Cưới Em Đi, Marry Me, Marry Me Movie, Marry Me (2022), Marry Me Peacock

Marry Me Cast:

Jennifer Lopez As Kat Valdez
Utkarsh Ambudkar As Coach Manny
Owen Wilson As Charlie Gilbert
John Bradley As Collin Calloway
Maluma As Bastian
Sarah Silverman As Parker Debbs
Chloe Coleman As Lou Gilbert
Jimmy Fallon As Jimmy Fallon
Michelle Buteau
Brady Noon As George
Stephen Wallem As Jonathan Pitts
Alex D. Jennings As Prom Date
Jacqueline Honulik As French girl
Daymien Valentino As Bodyguard
Massiel Mordan As Fangirl
Katrina Cunningham As Tyra
Christine Jones As Press
Ryan Foust As Percy
Nathalie Rock As Kat’s Parisian Fan
Andre Da Silva As Kat’s driver Jeff
Kyndra Sanchez As Student (voice)
Lori Pizzo As Reporter
Kay Aston As Bank Representative
Natalie Buck As Press
Connor Noon As Not George
Keith Ewell As Judge
Anne Cooper As Old Lady
Lynne Valley As Midwest Air Ticket Agent
Taliyah Whitaker As Esther
Raina Cheng As Student
Jim C. Ferris As Paparazzi
Vincent Tumeo As Airline Ticketing Agent
Nataly Santiago As Dancer
Brittany Styles As Kat’s Hairstylist
Blaise Corrigan As Papparazzi
Sydney Blackburn As Kat’s Assistant
Jaiya Chetram As Algebro
Scarlett Earls As Scarlett
Tristan-Lee Edwards As Tristan
Diego Lucano As Jose Goldenblatt
Christy Matino As Selfie Girl
Logan Crawford As News Commentator
Alex Perez As Kat’s Stage Security
Jerome Brooks Jr. As Industry Mogul
Lawrence Smith As Kat’s Stage Security
Oliver Stern As Algebro
Stephanie Groves As Middle School Student
Blaise Ffrench As Co-worker
Marshall Axt As Airport Traveler
Giuseppe Ardizzone As Bus Driver
Kara F. Green As Ticket Agent
Claire D’Angelo As Fangirl
Jim Kaplan As Jim
Henardo Rodriguez
Rahim Rosen
Olivia Chun As Olivia
Khalil Maasi As Security
Jonathan M. Parisen As Airport Fan.
Madison Paige Trzaski As Student
Jennifer Tsay As PA
Jolie Chan As Fangirl
Khalil Middleton As Kofi
Charlton Lamar As Kat’s Securityguard
Michael Lewis Mejia As Hotel Room Service
Regan Teller As Makeup Artist
Gianna Arena As High School Student
Dominick Sabatino As Paparazzi
Brandon Ray Armada As High School Student
Marko Caka As Kat’ s Paparazzi
Jenny Caves As Concert Goer
Alina Cecilia As Mathalon Student
Jeremy Ciero As Student
Julia Ekwall As Prom Date
Jonathan Genovese As Semi-Formal High School Student
Kathryn Grace As Mathalon Student
Jack Ronan Grindley As Mathalon Numerator Team
Ricky Guillart As Paparazzi
Matthew Iacono As School Student
Zachary Leipert As Student
Bob Leszczak As Airline Passenger Selling His Coat
Skylar Lipkin As Mathalon Student

The debut of “Marry Me”, Jennifer Lopez’s hotly-anticipated 2022 film is not far off and meanwhile, the New Yorker progressed the new soundtrack (single) of the film with the vocalist Maluma not without first having flaunted an exquisite occasional outfit. Jennifer Lopez and Maluma partake in the soundtrack of “Marry Me”.

Dressed as a lady in a surprising white outfit – with feathers on the sleeves and a sienna cut-and a net crown on her head, JLo shows up close to Maluma who wears a highly contrasting suit, with which they could show up in tape. The theme sounds new, with a great deal of mood and truly starts with the voices of Jennifer Lopez and Maluma as one.

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