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Medellin (2023) Cast, Release Date Plot and Trailer

Medellin (2023) Cast, Release Date Plot and Trailer

Medellin cast: Franck Gastambide, Ramzy Bedia, Anouar Toubali. Medellin Release Date: 2 June 2023 (Prime Video). Medellin Director: Franck Gastambide. Medellin is looking full of Comedy. The film, which is ambitious, was made in Colombia and tells the tale of gangsters in the core of the drug cartels.

Medellin is a French Comedy movie (2023). Franck Gastambide, Ramzy Bedia, Anouar Toubali are the main cast of Medellin (2023). Medellin will be a story of the adventures of a pair of best friends (played by Franck Gastambide and Ramzy Bedia) who travel into Colombia in order to rescue the baby twin brother to one of the characters. Medellin is scheduled to release on Prime Video on 2 June 2023.

Franck Gastambide, is a filmmaker who has managed to keep himself fresh over the years. A lover of training animals, he began in this field, before making the move to cinema. In this year’s film, Gastambide is back with his latest action-packed comedy for Amazon Prime Video: Medellin. The film follows the exploits of Pablito who is a YouTuber enthralled with Pablo Escobar. He sets off to go to Medellin following in the footsteps that of the drug baron however, he ends up in the narcos’ hands in Colombia.

Medellin Plot:

The film, which is ambitious, was made in Colombia and tells the tale of gangsters in the core of the drug cartels. To keep his brother safe from being narcos’ victims who are threatening his brother in Medellin, Reda gathers a group to hunt down kidnappers from Colombia.

Medellin Detail:

Movie: Medellin (2023)
Network: Prime Video
Director: Franck Gastambide
Main Stars: Franck Gastambide, Ramzy Bedia, Anouar Toubali
Genre: Comedy
Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 2 June 2023 (Prime Video)
Also known As: Medellin, Medellin Prime Video, Medellin (2023)

Medellin Cast:

Franck Gastambide As Stan

(Credit: alchetron)

He is a French actor director, screenwriter, and actor well-known as a screenwriter, director and actor who has made contributions to television and film. He has been recognized for his work in a variety of genres, frequently combining humor with adventure and action. His career started in the mid-2000s and quickly he made his name as a stand-up comedian. He gained acclaim for his roles in the French television show “Valide” (2020-Present).

Franck Gastambide has earned himself a reputation as a versatile and skilled actor as well as a director and writer within the French entertainment industry. His ability to mix comedy and action is what sets him apart and cultivated a devoted following. As he continues to grow his repertoire of work He is still a major actor in French film and comedy.

Ramzy Bedia As Reda

(Credit: gqmagazine)

He is a French actor comedian, actor, and filmmaker recognized for his contribution to comedy. With his distinctive style and humor, He has made himself an influential actor within the French entertainment business. In addition to his work together with Eric Judor, Bedia has also been featured in various TV and film shows in the role of an actor.

Ramzy Bedia has demonstrated an ability to entertain in his shows in his “Eric et Ramzy” duo or his own endeavors. His unique style of comedy which is characterized by physical humor and offbeat gags has earned him the respect of his fans and established his place as an influential persona within French comedy.

Anouar Toubali As Chafix

(Credit: twitter)

He is a French comic and actor who earned attention for his contributions to comedy. With his natural comedy timing and physical comedy, he has made an area of his own in the French entertainment business. Anouar’s career took off in the first half of 2010 and he first gained notice for his performance on numerous television shows as well as comedy sketches.

Anouar was the actor who played Karim who is one of the principal characters. “Pattaya” tells the story of the mishaps of two friends who go to Thailand and are involved in underground combat. Toubali’s performance was praised for his comedy skills and raised his profile in the entertainment industry. With his distinctive energy and humor, he can be seen as a comedy actor in the French entertainment business.

Other Supporting Cast of Medellin:

Brahim Bouhlel As Brahim
Essined Aponte As Marissa
Raymond Cruz As El Diablo
Mike Tyson As Robbie
Ariel Sierra As Don Nacho
Bernardo Garcia As Vétérinaire
Jairo Ordoñez As Réceptionniste
Matthias Quiviger As Ragnar
Juan Pablo Acosta As Narcos
Vincent Bersoulle As El Colosso
Jhonnatan Bulla As Narcos
Saïdou Camara As Boxeur
Felipe Corchuelo As Bras-droit El Diablo
David Diane As Propriétaire
Nora el Hourch As Soeur de Reda
Geneviève Emanuelli As Mère de Reda
Ciryl Gane As Champion MMA
Rachid Guellaz As Boxeur
Onnen Mina As Soeur de Reda
Juan Pablo Osorio Molina As Chanteur de Rue
Alejandro Múnera As Homme de Main El Diablo
Johan Ochoa As Narcos
Axel Reed As Boxeur
Bryan Romero
Cristian Sarmiento As Narcos
Sky As Chico
Camilo Villamizar As Narcos

A series that brought to light Brahim Bouhlel, who we’ll see playing Pablito as Pablito in “Medellin”. For the actor in his early years, this is his first foray into writing after being convicted in Morocco. We’ll find him in front and behind the camera in an action comedy that will be set inside the land that was once home to Pablo Escobar, in the central part of the city that was tragically well-known by the notorious drug dealer. Medellin promises a story that is both thrilling and entertaining, especially when Ramzy is introduced.

For their benefit, they will be assisted by Marissa (Essined asponte) who is a Colombian police officer. Marissa says she has someone who could assist the trio in their pursuit: Robbie. A charming and a bit scary persona. They’ll be able to track Brahim and then attempt to free him from the hands of the Narcos who are in the end much more risky than Reda could have imagined.

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