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Meskina (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Meskina (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Meskina cast: Maryam Hassouni, Nasrdin Dchar, Vincent Banic. Meskina Release Date: 4 March 2022 (Netflix). Meskina Director: Daria Bukvic. Meskina is looking full of Comedy. Now I’m going to tell you all about Meskina (2022). It has an outstanding Moroccan-Dutch in the cast, including Maryam Hassouni Nasrdin Dchar Soundos El Ahmadi, and Bilal Wahib.

Meskina is an Arabic-Dutch movie (2022). Maryam Hassouni, Nasrdin Dchar, Vincent Banic are the main cast of Meskina (2022). Meskina is Daria Bukvic’s directorial debut. The film was made by NewBe inspired by the idea of Soundos El Ahmadi, ROSE Stories and Pepijn Moors. Meskina is scheduled to release will be available on Netflix on March 4, 2022.

In the last month, several new series and films were released on Netflix in March 2022 telling us that we will be getting an upcoming countdown of Bridgerton Season 2, the final season of Superstore as well as the brand new film The Adam Project (2022) featuring Ryan Reynolds and many more. Yesterday, however, Netflix announced the inclusion of a Dutch top-rated title. Worldwide.

Meskina Plot:

A Moroccan-Dutch single thirty-something is viewed as a “Meskina” (a pity case) by her family, who desperately need to couple her.

Meskina Detail:

Movie: Meskina (2022)
Network: Netflix
Director: Daria Bukvic
Writers: Fadua El Akchaoui, Daria Bukvic, Ernst Gonlag
Main Stars: Maryam Hassouni, Nasrdin Dchar, Vincent Banic
Genre: Comedy
Country: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, Arabic
Release Date: 4 March 2022 (Netflix)
Gross worldwide: $1,642,124
Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes
Also known As: Beznadzieja, Meskina, Meskina Movie, Meskina Netflix, Meskina (2022)

Meskina Cast:

Maryam Hassouni As Leyla
Nasrdin Dchar As Amin
Vincent Banic As Fabian
Soundos El Ahmadi As Amira
Rachida Iaallala As Najat
Najib Amhali As Ali
Jouman Fattal As Malika
Olaf Ait Tami As Abdelkarim
Sisi Bolantini As Yasmina
Bilal Wahib As Rayan
Oscar Aerts As Klaas
Nora Akachar As Farida
Robert-Jan Bartels As Patient dhr Bergwijk
Selma Chadid As Nadia
Yassine Chigri As Bilall
Joy Delima As Patricia
Mustapha Damine El Ajjouri As Noah
Fadua El Akchaoui As Fatima
Bilal El Aoumari As Adil
Achmed el Jennouni As Leyla’s date
Samya Hafsaoui As Sumi
Mauro Heere As Kind bij speelpark
Romy Heere As Kind bij speelpark
Défano Holwijn As Presentator
Yessin Jarmich As Jonge Noah
Yasmin Karssing As Alicia X
Fahd Larhzaoui As Ibrahim
Sanne Maas As Karin
Henny Nijhuis As Vrouw in restaurant
Sabri Saddik As Yassin
Maryam Salah As Jonge Nadia
Diyah Salem As Jongetje bij de balustrade
Dina Sobhi As Tweeling
Hayat Sobhi As Tweeling
Arminé Telimi As Gadisha moeder van Sjaak
Nard van Vrijaldenhoven As Kakker
Luke Vrinds As Date 4

As you enter your 30s as a woman, everybody expects all the things they can from you. Leyla is single, has no spouse, no children, and has no career plan and thus is labeled “Meskina,” that is to say, insufferable. She is determined to find her voice in all the opinions that surround her and figure out who she really is, what she would like, and what makes her feel happy. In the course of this journey, she gets in trouble and is caught in funny and memorable situations.

Meskina is on her way to Netflix. The film will be available on Netflix next month following it had an impressive debut at Dutch cinemas. In the meantime, new photos from The Adam Project have also been released. The sci-fi movie will be available on Netflix in the coming months. First images from The Adam Project have appeared.

The idea for the film was developed by comedian Soundos El Ahmadi, who also plays the role of supporting herself. De romkom is the debut directorial effort of Daria Bukvic who is famous for her theater work. She recently co-produced her own NPO show Zina. The lead role in the comedy will be for Maryam Hassouni. He had a breakthrough in television through Dunya & Desie and later appeared in roles in other, shows.

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