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Mija (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Mija (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Mija cast: Jacks Haupt, Raúl Mascorro, Carlos Muñoz. Mija Release Date: 16 September 2022 (Disney+). Mija Director: Isabel Castro. Mija is looking full of Documentary, Music. Mija is a film about Doris Munoz and Jacks Haupt two daughters of undocumented migrants from Mexico who are both trying to navigate their respective careers within the world of music.

Mija is an American Musician-Documentary (2022). Jacks Haupt, Raúl Mascorro, Carlos Muñoz are the main cast of Mija (2022). Disney+ has revealed the date of the release of Mija director Isabel Castro’s award-winning feature documentary debut. The film will debut on Sept. 16th on their streaming services (date has not been confirmed in all countries).

Mija is a touching and poignant tribute to the children of immigrants and immigrants. The intimate film of Isabel Castro’s debut creates an uncanny vision and pays an ode to the girls who struggle in the name of their parents, dream, and themselves. Marjon Javadi, vice president of documentary film and docuseries, for Disney Original Documentary. Mija is a tribute to the immigrants and their children. Isabel Castro based herself on an almost ethereal view.

Mija Plot:

The story follows Doris Munoz, who began an era in managing music talent. She also came across Jacks Haupt, an auspicious young musician, and they both have the burden of being the first American-born members of their families that are not legally documented.

Mija Detail:

Movie: Mija (2022)
Network: Disney+
Director: Isabel Castro
Writer: Chris Boeckmann
Main Stars: Jacks Haupt, Raúl Mascorro, Carlos Muñoz
Genres: Documentary, Music
Country: United States
Languages: English, Spanish
Release Date: 16 September 2022 (Disney+)
Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes
Also Known As: Mija, Mija Movie, Mija (2022)

Mija Cast:

Jacks Haupt As Self
Raúl Mascorro
Carlos Muñoz
Doris Muñoz As Self
Jose Muñoz
Ruth Muñoz

It recognizes women who work to ensure an improved life and their loved ones. In the meantime, they work to realize their goals while also making the time to take care of themselves. The debut of Mija was filmed at to the Sundance Film Festival 2022. Mija was chosen for the NEXT section. In the spring of this season, Disney bought worldwide rights to a feature-length documentary.

“The film is made for the community that LALIFF encourages,” Castro said to Variety at the Red Carpet during the LALIFF opening. “It was made at Los Angeles, it’s about Latinos trying to be successful in this city. When you see it air in such a large-scale public space in the city makes it feel that we’re getting our voices heard about what it means to be a Latina.

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