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Mike TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Mike TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Mike cast: Kerry Sims, Trevante Rhodes, Scott MacDonald. Mike Release Date: 25 August 2022 (Hulu). Mike Episodes: 8. Mike is looking full of Biography, Drama, Sport. Karin Gist serves as showrunner and executive producer under her The Gist of It banner together with Claire Brown. As Executive Producers are “I Am Tonya” director Craig Gillespie , Bryan Unkeless and Scott Morgan.

Mike is an American Biography-Sport TV Series (2022). Kerry Sims, Trevante Rhodes, Scott MacDonald are the main cast of Mike TV Series (2022). Star+ has released the preliminary details of its new miniseries, a biopic about Mike Tyson which will air in Latin America on Thursday, August 25 exclusive to the service’s streaming platform. The first sneak peeks as well as the poster of ” Mike”, an uncensored, non-sensical glimpse into Mike Tyson’s life. Mike Tyson.

“Mike” explores the dynamic and controversial tale that is Mike Tyson. The miniseries examines the turbulent changes and ups and downs in Tyson’s professional boxing career as well as his personal life, from being a renowned world-class athlete to being shunned and then praised. While focusing on Mike Tyson The series also explores classism and racism in America as well as fame and media power, misogyny, inequality of wealth, the possibility of an American dream, and finally the role of the public in Mike’s tale.

Mike Plot:

The series will investigate the wild, disastrous and disputable life and profession of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson – one of the most polarizing figures in sports culture.

Mike Detail:

TV Series: Mike (2022)
Network: Hulu
Main Stars: Kerry Sims, Trevante Rhodes, Scott MacDonald
Genres: Biography, Drama, Sport
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 25 August 2022 (Hulu)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: New York City, New York, USA
Also known As: Mike[/mks_highlight]: Além de Tyson, Mike, Mike Season 1, Mike (2022)

Mike Cast:

Kerry Sims As Tyson entourage
Trevante Rhodes As Mike Tyson
Scott MacDonald As Tyson’s Trainer
Harvey Keitel As Cus D’Amato
Kale Browne As Bill Cayton
Nathalie J. Alarcon As Police officer
Russell Hornsby As Don King
B.J. Minor As Teen Mike
Erica Rowell Green As Donald Trumps Lady
Li Eubanks As Desiree Washington
Kenneth Trujillo As Cut Man
Ethan Dubin As Teddy Atlas
Jackie Sanders As Barbara Walters
Adams Bellouis As Lawyer
Greg Kaston As Rev. Jesse Jackson
Lawrence J. Hughes As Crocodile
Ashlei Lewis As Naked Woman
Laura Harrier As Robin Givens
Grace Zabriskie As Camille D’Amato
Summer Madison As Kycia Johnson
T.J. Atoms As Barkim
Jesse Bush As Officer O’Doherty
KateLynn E. Newberry As Jewelry Store Clerk
Olunike Adeliyi As Lorna Mae
Coley Campany As Joan Rivers
Patricia Bethune As Marilyn Murray
Garland Whitt As Iman Siddiq
Leslie Silva As Ruth Givens
Jordan Salloum As Reporter
Lance E. Nichols As Captain Joe
Alexis Capozzi As Saleswoman Veronica
Chip Carriere As Mills Lane
Alice Ko
Kenneth Farmer As Preacher or Black Preacher
Scott Gremillion As Interviewer
Chip Lane As Donald Trump
Nicky Buggs As Choreographer
Jay Hieron As Donnie long
Alisha S. Ward As Cecilia Alexander
Elisha Davis As Mikey Lorna Tyson Teen
Elizabeth Chang As Japanese Woman
Otis Winston As Lennox Lewis
Samantha Smith As Desirees Friend
Kenneth Dion Johnson As Gary Flowers
Troy Brenna As Kevin McBride
Annie Cook As Judge Patricia Gifford
Miles Doleac As John Halpin
Jessica Fontaine As Doctor
Terrence Clowe As Spokesman
Arischa Conner As Dr. Maya Angelou
Ronnie Yelverton As Inmate Arriving with Mike
Christopher Woodley As Boy In Toy Store
Anil Bajaj As Lunatic
James J. Fuertes As Reporter
Elton LeBlanc As Theatre Patron
DeShawn Harold Mitchell As Abusive Boyfriend
Escalante Lundy As Priest
Nasir Rahim As Louis Farrakhan
Johnny Alexander As Evander Holyfield
Nicholas X. Parsons As Redneck Inmate
Amy Le
Chris Nolte As Peter McNeeley
Shannon Destiny Ryan As Hot Tub Girl
Ben Kacsandi As Jury Foreman
Scott Green As Reporter in Pool
Tara Warren As Stage Manager
David Armstrong As Mike’s Sparring Partner
Ian Lyons As Alan Dershowitz
Mike Harkins As Specialist
Chen Chen Julian
Cynthia LeBlanc As Theatre Patron
Brad Blanchard As REF
Bennett Saltzman As Cracked Teeth
Mackenzie Page As Townie Girl
Ethan Barrett As Young Mike
Carl Kennedy As Lennox Referee
Dylan Prince As Brownsville Homie
Devin Ordoyne As Detective Tommy Kuzmik
Maria Liu
Tom Glynn As Guard
Stuart Luth As Car Salesman
Amy Mack As British Woman
Craig Leydecker As Financial Advisor
Ken Colquitt As Psychiatrist
Carmen Alicia Ramos As Japanese Woman
Paul Ryden As White Haired Reporter
Tre Jamison As Tough Kid
Jeremiah Jahi As Don Cornelius
Dustan Costine As Inmate Cafeteria Attendant
Charles Massey As Supporting
Theo Haddon As Lloyd Franklin
Chédra Arielle As Denise Tyson
Chad Governale As Prison Guard on Bus with Mike
Terrin Hill As Frank Bruno
Kayla Sutton As Madelyn Whittington
Mihyun Hur As Japanese Woman
James Donald As Hollifield Fight
Koral Michaels As Female Reporter
Jeffrey Charles Morgan As Doctor
Andrew Brown As Fan
Javon Jomo Jones As Juvenile Prisoner 2
David Glaspie As Crony 1
Porsche Kemp As Ring Girl
Yanna Buttons As 9 Year Old Denise Tyson
Shelby Faciane As Female Guard
Shey Thorn As Lennox Lewis’ Corner Man

The series follows the wildly challenging life of the legendary boxing legend Mike Tyson. Mike is one of the Hulu original series and will be available on Hulu across the US when it debuts in August. The series is limited in its scope. Mike is about Tyson’s life in the ring and also his life outside it. Mike is a completely uncensored non-sensical glimpse into Mike Tyson’s life. Mike Tyson – and it’s one thrilling adventure.

The eight-episode, limited-run series examines the turbulent events of Tyson’s career in boxing and personal life as he transitioned from a world-renowned athlete to being viewed as a snob and then back. Focusing upon Mike Tyson, the series explores the role of class in America as well as race in America’s media’s popularity as well as power and misogyny, inequality of wealth, the possibility for an American dream, as well as ultimately, our own part in shaping the story of Mike Tyson.

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