Mood TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Mood TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Mood cast: Nicôle Lecky, Lara Peake, Jordan Duvigneau. Mood Release Date: 6 November 2022 (BBC America). Mood Episodes: 6. Mood is looking full of Drama, Music. After being kicked out of her family’s house for drinking and trying to torch down her ex’s home, Sasha is left homeless and left to fend for herself, sleeping on a couch with a local dealers Saleem (Mohammad Dalmar).

Mood is a UK Drama-Music TV Series (2022). Nicôle Lecky, Lara Peake, Jordan Duvigneau are the main cast of Mood TV Series (2022). The show, which has been said to be “intense and absorbing” by iNews UK and “brilliantly executed” by Refinery29 It will premiere at BBC AMERICA and AMC+ on the 6th of November, Sunday. AMC+ will premiere the first two episodes on the 6th of November.

The show is comprised of six episodes and weekly airings on Thursdays, the show is inspired by the way young women use social media and shows our story in a refreshing and bold manner the story of women with huge goals but no money that want to make it in the digital world. Without further delay let us give you all you should learn about Mood.


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Mood Plot:

Follow the irresistible Sasha the 25-year-old wannabe rapper and performer, as she explores the captivating digital world, and the delicate line between freedom and exploitation. A story told through her own original songs.

Mood Detail:

TV Series: Mood (2022)
Network: BBC America
Main Stars: Nicôle Lecky, Lara Peake, Jordan Duvigneau
Genres: Drama, Music
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 6 November 2022 (BBC America)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also known As: Superhoe, Mood, Mood Season 1, Mood (2022)

Mood Cast:

Nicôle Lecky As Sasha Clayton
Lara Peake As Carly
Jordan Duvigneau As Anton Mills
Jorden Myrie As Kobi
Ebony Aboagye As Teenage Sasha
Jessica Hynes As Laura
Jason York As Curtis
Chantelle Alle As Abi
Paul Kaye As Kevin
Mia Jenkins As Megan
Mohamed Moses Dalmar As Saleem
Flo Wilson As Melrose
Jahmar Taylor As Perry
Primrose Bigwood As Fee
Sai Bennett As Esmeralda
Angela Wynter As Gloria
Tom Stourton As Josh
Renee Bailey As Paris
Kyle Rowe As Wyde
Khalid Laith As Kaspar
Daniel Ward As Dionn
Ashleigh Lai As Alice
Laila Zaidi As Zara
Kem Hassan As Bobby
Tom Moutchi As Teeg Jones
Daniel Gregory As Luca
Mohammad Amiri As Zaki
Johnny Nelson As Boxer
Alan Asaad As Saeed
Kiell Smith-Bynoe As Alfred
Molly Jackson-Shaw As Marylin
Stephen Boxer As Ulrich
Sarah Naudi As Giuliana
Rhoda Montemayor As Tala
Christopher Villiers As Roger
Azan Ahmed As Kharif
Michael Matovski As Sheikh Bin Air Asayeef
Yusuf Bhaimia As Bhav
Ashraf Ejjbair As Rayan
Holly Annabelle-Taylor As Molly
Joshua Riley As Fede
Bill Hurst As Clive
Anna Vakili As Self
Kitty Myers As Angie
Lawrence Russell As David
Antonia Kemi Coker As VIP Door Woman
Garvan McGrath As Edwin
Madalina Bellariu Ion As Roxana
Anthony Adjekum As Emeka
Sam Buchanan As Damien Yapz
Simmie Kaur As Daxa
Jack William Parry As Troy
Walter van Dyk As Old Man Giles
Kate Ashcroft As Officer Stephens
Louis Ellis As Lewis
Winnie Ikediashi As Chinyere
Mihai Arsene As Behar
Islah As Tony
Melina Halpin As Becky
Kelsey Dee As Shanie
Harley Broomfield As Grubby Boy
David Ajao As Jules
Wretch 32 As Self
Regina Eigbe As Annie (Girl with Anton)
Essa D. Haider As Sean
Akti Konstantinou As Dancer 1
Olivia Bernstone As Claudia
Robyn Laud As Dancer 2
Kzdidit Kzdidit As Self
Becky Namgauds As Dancer 2
Aziz Kemal As Dionn’s Friend
Yazmin Lacey-Phillips As Self
Mia Ward-Malcolm As Dancer 3
Caterina Danzico As Dancer 3
Jade Thirlwall As Self
Anmol Kaur As Dancer
Delilah Cain As Dancer 4
Nicey Belgrave As Dancer 4
Munya Chawawa As Self
Bruno Perrier As Dancer
Duncan Macfarland As Dancer 5
Charlene Willets As Dancer 5
Grace Jabbari As Dancer 6
Randall Watson As Dancer 1
Duja Sinada As Dancer 6
Chris Reyes As Dancer
Remi Black As Dancer 2
Luke Jackson As Dancer 7
David Greig As Dancer
Lea Oroz As Dancer 8
Neal Piron As Dancer 3

In the role of our principal persona (Sasha Clayton) we have Paul Kaye -2- Jessica Hynes 3and Nicole Lecky. On the other side, we have several recurring actors. They include Jessica Hynes -3- Nicole Lecky and Nicole Lecky who play Sasha Clayton and Sasha Clayton respectively. Lecky claims she is irritated at the fact that women are still abused on the internet.

The show was written by and featuring the actress, singer, and writer Nicole Lecky (‘Sense8′, “Crime in the Paradise’) and inspired by her critically acclaimed show ‘Superhoe’. The production is a journey through the social media landscape and explores the fine line between the empowerment and gender-based exploitation of women. When she is kicked out of her home following a dispute and she is reunited with Carly ( Laura Peake; “Brave New World”) she is a young woman, who introduces her to influential people.

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