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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris cast: Lesley Manville, Jason Isaacs, Anna Chancellor. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release Date: 15 July 2022 (USA). Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Director: Anthony Fabian. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is looking full of Comedy, Drama. In reality, it’s dangerous, as are many other things in life. to categorize movies. We have picked a few types of films that include Drama, Comedy. There’s enough talk, we’ll leave the synopsis, character opinions, as well as everything else you want to know about this amazing film.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a Comedy-Drama movie (2022). Lesley Manville, Jason Isaacs, and Anna Chancellor are the main cast of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022). Mrs. Harris is on the road again. Based on the novel from 1958, Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico, returns to the big screen this year, with Oscar-nominated Lesley Manville in the title role. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will be released on July 15th, 2022.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is about a widowed clean lady, Ada Harris, who falls in love with a stunning Dior gown and decides to purchase one for herself. It is set in the 1950s. this film tells the story of Mrs. Harris as she is able to save money and scrimp her way to travel toward France. French capital to purchase an original designer gown.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Plot:

A bereft housekeeper in 1950s London falls frantically enamored with a couture Dior dress, and concludes that she should have one of her own.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Detail:

Movie: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022)
Director: Anthony Fabian
Writers: Anthony Fabian, Carroll Cartwright, Keith Thompson
Main Stars: Lesley Manville, Jason Isaacs, Anna Chancellor
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Countries: Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada, France, United States, Belgium
Language: English
Release Date: 15 July 2022 (USA)
Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes
Filming locations: Budapest, Hungary
Also known As: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022)

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Cast:

Lesley Manville As Ada Harris
Jason Isaacs As Archie
Anna Chancellor As Lady Dant
Rose Williams As Pamela Penrose
Lucas Bravo As André Fauvel
Alba Baptista As Natasha
Isabelle Huppert As Claudine Colbert
Freddie Fox As RAF Officer
Lambert Wilson As Marquis de Chassagne
Roxane Duran As Marguerite
Christian McKay As Giles Newcombe
Ellen Thomas As Vi Butterfield
Delroy Atkinson As Chandler
Jeremy Wheeler As Policeman
Guilaine Londez As Madame Avallon
Murányi Panka As Portia
Dorottya Ilosvai As Mathilde Avallon
Barnabás Réti As Young Admirer
Sarah Rickman As Cynthia
Ben Addis As Newspaper Seller
Balázs Csémy As Jean Fabre
Philippe Bertin As Christian Dior
Harry Szovik As Commissionaire
Wayne Brett As Delivery Man
Vincent Martin As Michel Simon
Isabella Brett As Dior Model Two
Bertrand Poncet As M. Carré
Saruul Delgerbayar As Dior Model One
Péter Végh As Fernandel
Igor Szasz As Jean Gabin
Zsolt Páll As M. Avallon
Germaine Queen Ottley As Dior Model Three
Leonor Lemee
Örvendi Cintia As Dior Model Fifth
Corinne Delacour As French voice
Stephen Saracco As Archie’s Boss
Balázs Veres As Paparazzi

The film is a re-imagining of the book with the same title written by Paul Gallico, the story of the British housekeeper who dreams of having the Christian Dior haute couture gown that will take her on an unforgettable trip to Paris. The film was nominated for an Oscar. British actor Lesley Manville stars as Mrs. Harris and is joined by an ensemble that includes Rose Williams, Jason Isaacs, and Anna Chancellor.

After scaring us with her sharp look and unassuming manner of speaking in “Phantom Thread,” Lesley Manville changes roles in the role of a disheveled clean woman as “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” (pronounced Par-EE). She is wasting her time cleaning homes as she waits for her soldier husband’s be back, Mrs. Harris decides to pool her money and travel to Paris and makes an immediate impression on French all-females, which includes Isabelle Huppert, who this time is playing the role of the pundit. Wearing steel-colored clothes, Isabelle Huppert would like to kick Mrs. Harris out of the fashion home.

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