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My Dead Dad (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

My Dead Dad (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

My Dead Dad cast: Pedro Correa, Raymond Cruz, Courtney Dietz. My Dead Dad Release Date: 1 June 2022 (HBO Max). My Dead Dad Director: Fabio Frey. My Dead Dad is looking full of Drama. The owner is determined to sell the building without second thought, Lucas meets the eclectic tenants. He soon learns the fact that his dad was not the same from the one he had known.

My Dead Dad is an American Drama movie (2022). Pedro Correa, Raymond Cruz, Courtney Dietz are the main cast of My Dead Dad (2022). Fabio Frey’s first feature director which won prizes throughout its run at major festivals across the country it will air in the US on HBO Max starting June 1. The film features Pedro Correa (EL MEDIO) as the tired youthful Lucas who, upon learning about the passing of his father who is no longer with him is assigned the task of running an inherited property complex located situated in Los Angeles.

The film features Pedro Correa, who wrote the script along with Frey as a young Lucas who, following the news that his father who was estranged from him is given the task of managing an apartment complex that was inherited located in Los Angeles. In a bid to sell the complex without hesitation, Lucas meets the eclectic tenants and discovers the fact that his dad was different from the one he knew.

My Dead Dad Plot:

A youthful burnout finds his alienated dad is dead, leaving him the obligation of dealing with a high rise. Keeping in mind the desire of cutting ties, he’s compelled to grow up, finding out about the father he never knew through the diverse occupants.

My Dead Dad Detail:

Movie: My Dead Dad (2022)
Network: HBO Max
Director: Fabio Frey
Writers: Pedro Correa, Fabio Frey
Main Stars: Pedro Correa, Raymond Cruz, Courtney Dietz
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 1 June 2022 (HBO Max)
Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutes
Also known As: My Dead Dad, My Dead Dad movie, My Dead Dad (2022)

My Dead Dad Cast:

Pedro Correa As Lucas Varela
Raymond Cruz As Frank
Courtney Dietz As Sophie
Simon Rex As Gavin
Booboo Stewart As Kieffer
Steven Bauer As Uncle Tommy
Chris Pontius As Cosmo
Nicholas Duvernay As Stench
Nate Jackson As Ron
Ricardo Molina As Augusto Varela
Sascha Knopf As Tara
RiRia As Amber
Gabriel Romero As Tenant 105
Noah Taliferro As Playboy
Cristina Lizzul As Pepa
Shu Lan Tuan As Ms. Tuang
Terry Walters As Jane
Jack Noonan II As Harry
Deborah Quayle As Paula
Robert Amico As Liquor Cashier
Joseph Callari As Sammy
Thomas Cokenias As Stephan
Katherine Du Bois As Sarah Connor
Elaine Partnow As Gavin’s Mom
Andy Roy As Self

When former skateboarder Lucas’ (Pedro Correa) estranged father passes away and leaves the young man an Los Angeles apartment complex, Lucas, a young slacker, travels to Los Angeles from Reno with plans to sell the property and forget about the man whom he thinks abandoned him. However, the apartment’s tenants include Frank (Raymond Cruz) who is the long-time director who’s not buying Lucas the hard-hitting exterior.

HBO Max has been a dream for us since when we started the process of writing this personal story. The realization of our dream and becoming accessible to the American people is all we could ever want. We’re grateful to the team of OneFifty as well as HBO Max who connected with and embraced our vision. The film won by the Jury Prize for “Best Picture” at the Jacksonville Film Festival and the “Best Picture Award” for Drama at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

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