NCIS: Sydney Episode 6: Cast, Release Date, Promo

NCIS: Sydney TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

NCIS: Sydney is an American Crime-Drama TV Series (2023). NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 cast: Sean Sagar, Olivia Swann, Todd Lasance. NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 Release Date: January 9, 2024 (CBS). NCIS: Sydney Total Episodes: 8.

Where to watch NCIS: Sydney:

Episode 6 of NCIS: Sydney will air at 2:30 pm on 9th January on CBS.

NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 Plot:

The team is racing for the sake of saving one person, when Doc Roy and his dog are in a hostage-taking situation at the local dog café.

What is the NCIS: Sydney About:

“NCIS Sydney” series “NCIS Sydney” series features an elite group of agents who are devoted to finding the cause of naval-related crimes including murder, terrorist plots and international intelligence gathering. Every episode in season 1 is a thrilling journey that will keep viewers entertained from the beginning until the very end.

With tensions in international relations rising in the Indo-Pacific, an amazing and diverse group comprised of members from American NCIS along with The Australian Federal Police (AFP) formed a multinational force of intervention to stop the crimes committed by naval vessels in the most controversial ocean zone in the world. NCIS: Sydney can be described as an international and local co-production by CBS Studios.

NCIS was itself a spin-off. The series is part of JAG. JAG was a series that focused on the legal process in criminal cases involving military personnel. For those who aren’t aware, NCIS: Special Investigations (since 2003) is a spin-off from JAG (1995-2005) The series written by Donald Bellisario. From the time of 2000, NCIS has been the focus of a spin-off series which is NCIS: Los Angeles (2009 until 2023).

NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 Detail:

Episode Name: TBA
Network: CBS
Creator: Morgan O’Neill
Director: Shawn Seet
Writer: Morgan O’Neill, Michael Miller
Main Stars: Sean Sagar, Olivia Swann, Todd Lasance
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: January 9, 2024 (CBS)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 8
Episode Number: 6
Filming locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Also known As: NCIS: Australia Episode 6, NCIS: Sydney Season 1, NCIS: Sydney Ep 6

NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 Trailer:

NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 Cast:

Olivia Swann As Michelle Mackey
Sean Sagar As DeShawn Jackson
Todd Lasance As Jim ‘JD’ Dempsey
Tuuli Narkle As Evie Cooper
Mavournee Hazel As Bluebird ‘Blue’ Gleeson
Linal Haft As Frank
Steve Vella As Fisherman Artie
Mick Davies As Fisherman Mick
William McInnes As Dr Roy Penrose
Douglas Chalmers As US Petty Officer Eddie Baker
Dean Povic As Staff Sergant Lee Mitchell
Courtney Lyall As Convict Woman on Phone
Mark Paguio As Jeremy
Vaingana Matapule As Max
James Saunders As Warrant Officer Jameson
Nadim Accari As Hakim
Brad McMurray As Teo
Romy Bartz As Jenna Ireland
Michelle Collins As Rusty
Russell Southam As Crime Scene Onlooker
Meme Thorne As Mei Koo
Tiriel Mora As Theo Blainey
Josh McConville As Armen Standish
Nicholas Brown As Quarter Master Rennie
Bradley Flett As Bikie
Gerick Leota As Tommy Latu
Dorian Nkono As Frank Lupo
Lucas Fatches As Bikie

Episodes list:

1. Gone Fission – (Tue Nov 14, 2023)
2. Snakes in the Grass – (Tue Nov 21, 2023)
3. Brothers in Arms – (Tue Nov 28, 2023)
4. Ghosted – (Tue Dec 05, 2023)
5. Doggiecino Day Afternoon – (Tue Dec 12, 2023)
6. TBA – (Tue Jan 9, 2024)
7. TBA
8. TBA

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