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Neumatt Aka New Heights TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Neumatt Aka New Heights TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

New Heights cast: Benito Bause, Roeland Wiesnekker, Rachel Braunschweig. New Heights Release Date: 13 May 2022 (Netflix). New Heights Episodes: 8. New Heights is looking full of Drama. With a chic apartment and a well-paying work as an expert Michi is living a comfortable life in Zurich. However, a phone call can change everything.

Neumatt Aka New Heights is a Swedish Drama TV Series (2022). Benito Bause, Roeland Wiesnekker, Rachel Braunschweig are the main cast of Neumatt Aka New Heights TV Series (2022). New Heights (Neumatt) can be described as a Drama series that was filmed in 2022 in Switzerland. It has one season and eight episodes. Each episode is averaging a duration of 43 minutes. The world premiere is scheduled for October 31, 2021, at RSI LA1. In Italy, it premieres on Netflix on May 13, 2022.

Mick Wyss lives his life as a consultant working in the speed lane in Zurich. When his father commits suicide, the life of his son, Mick is forced to return to the farm of his family and tend to the necessities in a short time. Alongside his mother Katharina as well as his grandmother Trudi as well as sister Sarah and older brother Lorenz, Mick must ask himself what his family needs to do with the farm in debt.

New Heights Plot:

Michi is an effective advisor in Zurich. Yet, a call makes a huge difference. His dad ended his own life. Along with his mom and two kin, Michi should now settle on his own vocation or save the family ranch.

New Heights Detail:

TV Series: Neumatt Aka New Heights (2022)
Network: Netflix
Creator: Marianne Wendt
Main Stars: Benito Bause, Roeland Wiesnekker, Rachel Braunschweig
Genre: Drama
Country: Switzerland
Language: Swiss German
Release Date: 13 May 2022 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Runtime: 45 minutes
Also known As: New Heights, Neumatt, Neumatt Netflix, New Heights Season 1, New Heights (2022)

New Heights Cast:

Benito Bause As Joel Bachmann
Roeland Wiesnekker As Martin Halter
Rachel Braunschweig As Katharina Wyss
Julian Koechlin As Michi Wyss
Miriam Maertens As Caroline Mosse
Jérôme Humm As Lorenz Wyss
Sophie Hutter As Sarah Wyss
Anouk Petri As Angelina Wyss
Nicola Perot As Döme Boveri
Judith Hofmann As Ursula Halter
Roland Bonjour As Pablo Müller
Marlise Fischer As Trudi Wyss
Lou Haltinner As Elodie Duchamp
Hans-Caspar Gattiker As Thomas Peterhans
Imanuel Humm As Reto Teichmann
Aaron Hitz As Loris Schwab
Maria Rebecca Sautter As Mele Zehnder
Christoph Gaugler As Werner Fuchs
Corinne Soland As Anna Boveri
Nic Aklin As Pirmin Stucki
Rumo Wehrli As Jessie Belucci
Peter Hottinger As Lehrer
Leonard Kocan As Bankberater Rochat
Rene Schnoz As Züchter Kruso
Paul Kaiser As Kurt Wyss
Serkan Tastemur As Taxifahrer
Nick Dong-Sik As Fang Li
Martin Butzke As Jojo Berner
Mentor Bajrami As Möbelpacker
Karen Ann Wong-Dorall As Chinese Businesswoman
Matthias Fankhauser As Notar von Gunten
Matthias Schuppli As Pfarrer Viktor
Tina Perger As Fitnesskundin
Thomas Städeli As Lieferant im Fitness-Studio
Kevin Sales As Bauarbeiter
Nicole Tobler As Rettungssanitäterin

Consultant Michi (played consultant Michi (played by Julian Koechlin) doesn’t have it easy. He’s decided to settle in the city, but as a son of a farmer, he is embarrassed by his heritage. His friends from the consulting company in Zurich have no clues about his life. Other than Michi’s younger sister Sarah (played by Sophie Hutter), hardly anyone in the village has any idea that he is a lover of men.

While he’s having a romantic moment in the company of one of his workplace acquaintances, his life gets turned upside down. His father Kurt committed suicide and it soon became apparent the younger sister of Michi Lorenz(played by Jerome Humm) and his mother Katharina (played by Rachel Braunschweig) are unable to continue their business. Therefore, he goes back to the farm of his parents and tries to keep from destruction.

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