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Obituary (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Obituary cast: Siobhán Cullen, Michael Smiley, Ronan Raftery. Obituary Release Date: November 21, 2023 (Hulu). Obituary Episodes: 6.

Obituary is an Irish Comedy-Drama TV Series (2023). Siobhán Cullen, Michael Smiley, Ronan Raftery are the main cast of Obituary (2023). The series consists of six episodes. the show is written and directed by Ray Lawlor, in addition to starring John Hayes and Oonagh Kearney as directors.

The show will debut on the streaming platform on November 21st, on Hulu. In Brazil, the show will be available via Star+. There is a problem: the newspaper employs a suspect new police correspondent who has an interest in conspiracy theories.

Filmed in Ireland The series follows Elvira Clancy, a woman who is somewhat dissatisfied when she’s enjoying her new position as an obituary journalist. When her newspaper hits into financial difficulties and her boss reduces her salary, she gets daily obituary payments. If her “accidentally” kills an unpleasant person in the town, she finds out that she has an inaccessible bloodlust.

Obituary Plot:

A small-town newspaper obituary writer resorts to murder after work is dried up locally.

Obituary Detail:

Movie: Obituary (2023)
Network: Hulu
Creator: Ray Lawlor
Main Stars: Siobhán Cullen, Michael Smiley, Ronan Raftery
Genres: ComedyCrimeDrama
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Release Date: November 21, 2023 (Hulu)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also known As: Некролог, Obituary, Obituary Season 1, Obituary (2023)

Where to watch Obituary:


Season 1


Season 1

Obituary Cast:

Siobhán Cullen As Elvira Clancy
Michael Smiley As Ward Clancy
Ronan Raftery As Emerson Stafford
Danielle Galligan As Mallory Markum
David Ganly As Hughie Burns
Michael Hough As Tom Quigley
Noni Stapleton As Garda Rose Mulcahy
Conan Sweeny As Donal the Barman
Evanne Kilgallon As Kate Cunniffe
Maria Noonan McDermott As Newsroom Staff
JP Bonar As Newsroom Staff
Pat McNiece As Newsroom Staff
Lalor Roddy As Clive Cavendish
Dagmar Döring As Maria Riedle
Éabha Moore As Young Elvira
Carrie Crowley As Veronica Sloan
Allan Keating As Patsy Ruane
Barry McGovern As Sandy Benson
Cal O’Driscoll As Denis Riley
Andy Doherty As Leonard Slammon
Fiona Browne As Mary McHugh
Ryan Burke As Oisín Markum
Paul Tylak As Morris
Marion O’Dwyer As Margo Benson
Wendy Dynan-Gleeson As Helen Stewart
Mark Garton As Andrew Stewart
Emily Phillips As Young Mallory
Lenny Hayden As Sylvester McHugh
Brian Robinson As Albert McGovern
Jason Daly As Garda Mick
Eva Hein West As Christine Churchyard
Noelle Brown As Dolly Stenson
Ciaran McCourt As George Slammon
Shashi Rami As Daniel Buckley
Luis Allen As Bill Butler
Daniel Fee As Young Tom
Jacinta Sheerin As Annie Butler
Damien Owens As Padraic Quigley
Ruairí Heading As Young Ward
Hilary Vesey As Jackie Talbot
Billie Traynor As Peggy Brunswick
Manus Halligan As Ritchie
Judy Donovan As Mrs. Heneghan
Peter O’Byrne As Mr. Heneghan
Eddie Jackson As Delivery Man
Caroline Harvey As Local Correspondent
John Carty As AA Chair
Charlie Bonner As Bob Power
Meg Reilly As Joan
Helen Roche As Alice Mulcahy
Michael Cunningham As Mr. Breslin
Diarmuid Johnson As Gravedigger
Ebimie Anthony As Waitress Toni
Mary Madden As Agnes Dunford
Cian Hyland As Sly Jr
Patrick Glass As Callum
Ordhan Glass As Freddie
Lynsey Lynch As May Riley
Kenneth Neilan As Key Cutter
Tara Mae As Joanne

The story follows an 18-year-old woman called Elvira Clancy who writes obituaries in The local paper in a small town in Ireland. As the newspaper starts to face financial difficulties, Elvira receives the news that she’ll be compensated for each obituary. To make sure she gets the money she begins murdering people.

It’s clearly a black comedy with elements of the genre of thriller. The author of the film is Ray Lawlor. A writer of obituaries who is relieved by her newspaper of taking her off its payroll and begins paying for each piece of work is determined to kill the city’s most obnoxious inhabitants by imagining the consequences of incidents. In this way, she is never short of work.

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