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Onder Vuur Aka Under Fire TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Onder Vuur Aka Under Fire TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Under Fire cast: Louis Talpe, Lien De Graeve, Lynn Van Royen. Under Fire Release Date: 24 August 2022 (Netflix). Under Fire Episodes: 10. Under Fire is looking full of Drama. Under Fire is an action-packed drama about a group of firefighters and women who fight for the existence of their job. The show has its roots in Ostend.

Onder Vuur Aka Under Fire is a Belgium Drama TV Series (2022). Louis Talpe, Lien De Graeve, Lynn Van Royen are the main cast of Onder Vuur Aka Under Fire TV Series (2022). For the leading roles, we can recognize Louis Talpe, Lien De Graeve Lynn Van Royen, Sam Louwyck, Alessia Sartor, Aime Claeys Maarten Ketels Wouter Bruneel Dirk Van Dijck, Sahin Avci, Ann Tuts, Piet De Praitere and Kim van Oncen. Onder Vuur Aka Under Fire will be released on Netflix 24 August 2022.

Under Fire Under Fire, we follow the insides and outs of a funny fire brigade in Ostend. The post-Oosteroever is a tiny fire station that has a lot of personalities. They employ an unusual method of working, and often defy the rules. Human life is the first priority. The firefighters literally suffer to do that. However, when Lieutenant Patrick (played by Sam Louwyck) unexpectedly decides to quit the Corps for a new job and the entire barracks is destroyed to its very foundations. Sergeant Orlando (Louis Talpe) is the one who feels most abandoned by his superior.

Under Fire Plot:

A very close and willful gathering of firemen gets stirred up by a sudden difference in administration. After a deadly blunder during a mediation, they go under investigation and need to battle for the endurance of their cherished fire station “Post Oosteroever”.

Under Fire Detail:

TV Series: Onder Vuur Aka Under Fire (2022)
Network: Netflix
Creators: Toon Anthoni, Jasper Moeyaert, Carl Plaisier
Main Stars: Louis Talpe, Lien De Graeve, Lynn Van Royen
Genre: Drama
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Release Date: 24 August 2022 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Also known As: Under Fire, Onder Vuur, Under Fire Season 1, Under Fire (2022)

Under Fire Cast:

Louis Talpe As Orlando Foncke
Lien De Graeve As Dominique Meersman
Lynn Van Royen As Maaike De Boel
Sam Louwyck As Patrick Sinnaeve
Dirk van Dijck As Henri Maenhout
Alessia Sartor As Nina Gonzales
Wouter Bruneel As Boris Weber
Maarten Ketels As Vincent Knockaert
Piet De Praitere As Gilbert Gesqiuere
Sahin Avci As Gio Kaplan
Ann Tuts As Noelle Hauspie
Aimé Claeys As Tom Lateur
Evelien Van Hamme As Annabel
Eric Godon As De slangenmeester
Ryan Daele As Flyerjongen
Kasper Vandenberghe As Adjudant Steve
Verona Verbakel As Liv
Mathias Sercu As Echtgenoot van Dominique
Silke Thorrez As Karlijn
Katelijne Verbeke As Vrouw van Patrick
Imani De Caestecker As Marieke
Kim Van Oncen As Alissa
Dries Vanhegen As Lukas Maenhout
Lien Wildemeersch
Roxanne Bailliu As Pauline
Marleen Maes As Buurvrouw van brandend huis
Lou Laleman As Newborn baby

Dominique (Lien De Graeve) invades Post Oosteroever as a new lieutenant. She hopes to turn the ‘cowboys’ into the standards that will be the norm for the Bruges command post is aiming for. However, this calls for a different strategy than the one outlined in the Command Post. If there are deaths during an operation due to errors that were made through Post Oosteroever, the survival of the barracks may be at risk.

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  1. Have been watching it but can’t get a grasp on the cast. Not a single source on search with images paired with names. It’s difficult for North American audiences to read and understand Dutch. A cast roster without images that utilizes a foreign language and names is useless to me.

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