Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 4 Recap, Review, Ending Explained

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An interesting episode of only murders in the building very much living up to its name of becoming a place where the unknown happens within the reality we saw Charles face consequences to his actions whilst he wasn’t in full control however whilst his personal life was taking a hit.

We saw the case of the death of Ben being delved into more by Mabel as she was looking to uncover who was behind the murder that occurred when Ben miraculously came back to life so with that let’s recap break down and explain all that there was to take away from this episode so let’s get into it here is only murders in the building season 3 episode 4 ending explained.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

One thing that stood out in particular in this episode was the struggle that Mabel was facing with the handling of the case. She was ever so desperate to get to the bottom of it and to investigate the leads and clues that she had found however both Oliver and Charles were distracted with the rehearsals for the musical meaning that Mabel’s work was slowing down.

The other two weren’t as interested as what she was best summed up when Oliver mentioned how if all of the fingers were pointing towards Kimber she shouldn’t call it out mostly because of her vast amount of followers. The attention that she could bring to the show so he wasn’t really that invested in the case at least not like what he once was the white room was also something that was present for Mabel as well as Charles.

Instead of it being a space that she entered inside of her mind due to being anxious. It was the place that we saw her in right at the very beginning of the episode when she was looking around the 400 square feet box apartment.

She could end up potentially living in due to needing to move out of her current apartment the room was completely white and was a square with barely any natural light it was high in rinse and it was also something that didn’t offer much for the money something which I think is going to come back later on down the line in the season Mabel was anxious and nervous about moving out.

She knew that she much preferred the type of life that she was currently leading so by having the white room as a physical space in reality for her it was a very nice touch. This was something that I felt tied into the ending of the episode where we saw that Cinder was constantly reaching out to Mabel because she wanted to meet her so that they could be co-hosts on Cinder’s podcast the Bloody Mabel show.

However due to Mabel’s commitment to Charles and Oliver. She didn’t want to accept the offer even after Cinder offered her an extremely strong paycheck that could afford her to steer clear of the white-room apartment and to ultimately allow her to continue living the type of life.

She was currently leading but I think she will be tempted by Cinder’s offer in the future and maybe go on to accept it with the idea of living in a small apartment.

The fact that Oliver and Charles weren’t as invested in solving the murders due to the show I think Mabel will start to look out for herself and take on working with Cinder but it could prove to be her downfall due to the insincere nature and lack of Integrity with cinder’s approach Mabel is definitely struggling at the moment and the case is working as a key distraction so it’s going to be interesting to see which direction it goes in during the next episode.

The Clue in binge dressing room

In this episode Mabel Charles and Oliver all went into the theater where Ben was originally killed and they believed that he was poisoned whilst there they stumbled across Kimber running her beauty business from her own dressing room whilst Mabel was speaking with Kimber Oliver and Charles picked the lock of the bench dressing room.

They saw a message that was written on the wall to Ben it essentially called him a pig and was written in lipstick lipstick that was revealed to be Joy right at the end of the episode something which was also hinted towards and shown to us a few moments earlier when she was looking through her box of makeup despite it being her lipstick.

I definitely don’t think that she was behind the message on the mirror or the murder with the way that Ben was speaking in last week’s episode and several viewers pointing out that it could well have been a plate of cookies that he was speaking to especially judging by the choice of words and tone that he used I think that Ben wrote this message to himself after demolishing a plate of cookies that were most probably in his room nobody else would have perceived Ben as a pig other than him.

After giving into his greatest weakness the plate of cookies a delicacy he couldn’t touch because he needed to be in shape for a new role most likely feeling guilty after eating them he wrote that on the mirror because he believed that that is what he truly was so personally. I don’t think that anybody else is behind the message on the mirror which does get me thinking is the murder exactly what it seems once the clue was uncovered in the dressing room.

We had the Revelation that Kimber may not have been behind the murder of then Mabel originally thought that it could have been in the anti-aging serum that Ben was using that she created and that it could have been poisoned and also the fact that there could have been a messy Showman’s that was happening between them however Kimber confirmed.

There was no romance that was present at all she just wanted him to promote her beauty products to increase her sales which he didn’t end up doing so in Revenge and out of anger she sold Ben’s hanky online in order to make a quick Buck hence why she didn’t have it means that for now, Kimber was out of the main line of suspects.

Charles issues

Charles was facing a lot of personal issues in this episode he had a tongue twister musical number in all of his play and it was something that he was struggling deeply with whilst on stage performing it for the first time we saw that he entered a space within his mind which was called the white room.

It’s a place where theater performers end up going when they’re feeling nervous or anxious about their performance and whilst in there it essentially causes them to cut loose and do things that they wouldn’t dream of doing in reality but because of this mindset their reality would be impacted and this was something that kept happening to Charles whilst it was originally thought that it was because of the song that he was singing and the difficulty we found out that it was actually because of the fact that Joy had moved in with him and the relationship was progressing at great speed and he realized that after spending a lot of his life living on his own that was the way

He actually preferred living so it was weighing heavily on his mind and was impacting his performance of the song during rehearsals this white room that he entered was what caused his downfall right at the end of episode 2 as after he realized that he wanted to ask Joy to move out the anxiety and nerves got the better of him and with that he ended up asking joy to marry him due to him entering that space again so now he’s found himself in deeper water and with a show on the line it could prove to be detrimental.

where was Loretta

One thing that I think is starting to stand out in this season of the show is that Loretta is sometimes present and she’s sometimes not when she arrives. She’s often late and sometimes she’s never there at all so it does make me wonder what it is that she’s doing there was what looked like a full-cast rehearsal on the stage in Oliver’s apartment.

She wasn’t present there so it does make me wonder what it is that she’s up to outside of the rehearsals to the show especially considering that performing is her dream. We saw that she and Oliver had a bit of a romantic spark in the previous episode and Oliver definitely has feelings for her so I imagine we’re going to get to know a lot about the character through their relationship something which I’m extremely excited to see.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 4 Review

I thought this was a good episode it was quite an experimental one with the style that it adopted but it made for an extremely enjoyable watch seeing Mabel’s struggle and the fact that she felt obliged to do more whilst also being tempted from the other side was something that I found particularly interesting.

It was good to see that she stayed true to her two good friends I think when it gets to the point where she’s on the back foot and on the verge of moving out of her apartment her mind might change I would say that I did prefer the previous episode to this one I found it a lot more gripping and I was heavily invested in Loretta’s character so it was a shame that she wasn’t in this episode.

This show does a great job at balancing the comedy mystery and crime and whilst it is a relatively dark show at its core the connection that’s present between Mabel Charles and Oliver proves to make you feel extremely good do I think Joy did it no.

I was leaning towards Ben’s brother last week and I still do think that’s an option there is an ominous nature about tobbert too but until we see them again.

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5- Ah, Love!
6- Ghost Light
7- CoBro
8- Sitzprobe
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10- Opening Night

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