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Our Dream Wedding (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Our Dream Wedding (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Our Dream Wedding cast: Rachel Hendrix, James Austin Kerr, Olivia Laine Welch. Our Dream Wedding Release Date: 5 June 2022 (UPtv). Our Dream Wedding Director: Rhonda Baraka. Our Dream Wedding is looking full of Drama, Romance. Does she go with her gut or follow her plan? Our Dream Wedding release on UPtv on 5 June 2022.

Our Dream Wedding is an American Drama-Romance movie (2022). Rachel Hendrix, James Austin Kerr, Olivia Laine Welch are the main cast of Our Dream Wedding (2022). Natalie has been thinking about her life for years. She plans to become a doctor and begin to have with a family. Then her boyfriend is engaged and Natalie is unsure about what to do.

The wedding coordinator Mary has planned everything, but not the love of her life. She meets handsome medical doctor Steve and they fall in love immediately. One problem: Mary is planning his wedding! Do you think she’s competent enough? Will she put all her emotions aside? Watch “Our Dream Wedding” for the most heart-warming romantic comedy about accepting life.

Our Dream Wedding Plot:

Responsibility timid Natalie takes a stab at her grandmother’s ‘mysterious’ wedding shroud and is shipped to her future, where she and long haul sweetheart Scott are cheerfully hitched with two delightful youngsters. Is it safe to say that she is at last prepared to commit?

Our Dream Wedding Detail:

Movie: Our Dream Wedding (2022)
Network: UPtv
Director: Rhonda Baraka
Writers: Jennifer Edwards, Amy Katherine Taylor
Main Stars: Rachel Hendrix, James Austin Kerr, Olivia Laine Welch
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 5 June 2022 (UPtv)
Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes
Also known As: Le voile de la mariée, Our Dream Wedding, Our Dream Wedding Movie, Our Dream Wedding (2022)

Our Dream Wedding Cast:

Rachel Hendrix As Natalie
James Austin Kerr As Scott
Olivia Laine Welch As Emma
Jesse Malinowski As Brian
Madeline Marconi As Abby
Laimarie Serrano As Nurse Annie
Luke Speakman As Dylan
Cecelia Specht As Janine

Natalie wants to know what her grandmother thinks she can do. She is advised to put on the veil worn by her grandmother. In a flash, she’s living the kind of life she would have together with the man she loves. Natalie immediately calls her grandmother for help. She puts on her enchanting veil for her wedding and Natalie can see her future: with two kids and happily married.

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