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Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episodes, Trailer

Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episodes, Trailer

Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) cast: Carmen-Maja Antoni, Cristina do Rego, Johanna Gastdorf. Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) Release Date: 27 November 2020 (Netflix). Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) Episodes: 3. Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Romance. Now I,m going to tells you all about Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) (2020).

Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) is a German Comedy-Drama TV Series (2020). Carmen-Maja Antoni, Cristina do Rego, Johanna Gastdorf are the main cast of Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) (2020). Netflix Germany’s Christmas extraordinary ‘Überweihnachten’ Also known As Over Christmas got an update today with a name in Portuguese: ‘A Christmas Nothing Normal’. The miniseries, with 3 scenes of 45 minutes, opens on 11/27.

CHRISTMAS Deutsch German 2020 | The principal film trailer for the transformation of the Netflix arrangement of the novel “7 kilos in 3 days” by Christian “Pokerbeats” Huber, with the satire star Luke Mockridge. ÜberWeihnachten discharge on 27 November 2020. On the off chance that the outsider ends up being Luke Mockridge. You can watch the new film with him on Netflix.

Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) Plot:

Bastian gets back for these special seasons to discover that his sibling is dating his ex, and if that wasn’t sufficient, his folks are likewise staying discreet.

Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) Wiki:

TV Series: Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) (2020)
Network: Netflix
Main Stars: Carmen-Maja Antoni, Cristina do Rego, Johanna Gastdorf
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release Date: 27 November 2020 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 3
Also Known As: Karácsony a családdal, ÜberWeihnachten, Over Christmas, Over Christmas Netflix, Over Christmas Season 1

Over Christmas Season 1 Poster
Over Christmas Season 1 Poster

Over Christmas (ÜberWeihnachten) Cast:

Carmen-Maja Antoni
Cristina do Rego
Johanna Gastdorf
Rudolf Kowalski
Luke Mockridge
Nino Porzio As Rudolf Kowalkski Jung
Seyneb Saleh As Karina
Eskindir Tesfay
Christian Skibinski As Dorfbewohner
Lucas Reiber
Eugen Bauder
Jonathan Kwesi Aikins
Martina Eitner-Acheampong
Eike Weinreich

Bastian, an artist who has no place to fall dead and sees everything in dark, gets back for Christmas where no-bubbly shocks anticipate him. The temperatures are dropping (despite the fact that not as they used to be), stores entice you with Christmas stollen and the shops in the malls are finished for Christmas with fir trees and the fake day off.

Shooting with Luke Mockridge was stunning. Leon – what an astonishment – mother and child in the Christmas stress. It’s Christmas FUCKING IT AGAIN !!! About Christmas, beginning November 27, 2020, on Netflix. “About Christmas”: Mini-arrangement with Luke Mockridge from November 27, 2020, only on Netflix. Just when everything turns out badly is it truly Christmas. About Christmas with Luke Mockridge, Seyneb Saleh, Cristina does Rego, and Lucas Reiber, from November 27th.

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