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P-Valley Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

P-Valley Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

P-Valley Season 2 cast: Shannon Thornton, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Nicco Annan. P-Valley Season 2 Release Date: 3 June 2022 (Starz). P-Valley Season 2 Episodes: 10. P-Valley Season 2 is looking full of Crime, Drama. This story is based off Hall’s play Pussy Valley, and follows a group of individuals who work in strip clubs located in the Mississippi Delta.

P-Valley is an American Crime-Drama TV Series. Shannon Thornton, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Nicco Annan are the main cast of P-Valley Season 2. It is a story about the dancers in an infamous strip club located in Mississippi. A strip club known as Dirty Delta houses many people with different personalities: heartbroken or devastated, sad and proud, or even hopelessly lost. P-Valley Season 2 release on Starz on 3 June 2022.

Starz has announced that P-Valley is being renewed for another season. The news comes just only three seasons into P-Valley’s first season, which received a lot of applause from critics. The show is set in a strip bar deep within the Mississippi Delta known as ‘The Pynk The Pynk’, the drama follows the owner and dancers as they grapple with concerns about the club as well as in their private lives.

P-Valley Season 2 Plot:

This is a prearranged one-hour show that investigates the existences of shaft artists working down in the Dirty Delta.

P-Valley Season 2 Detail:

TV Series: P-Valley Season 2
Network: Starz
Director: Barbara Brown
Writers: Katori Hall, Kemiyondo Coutinho
Main Stars: Shannon Thornton, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Nicco Annan
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 3 June 2022 (Starz)
Season: 2
Episodes: 10
IMDb Rating: 7/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%
TV Guide Rating: 85%
Google Rating: 90% liked this TV show
Filming locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Also known As: Долина соблазна, P-Valley, P-Valley (2022), P-Valley Season 2

P-Valley Season 2 Cast:

Shannon Thornton As Keyshawn
J. Alphonse Nicholson As Lil Murda
Nicco Annan As Uncle Clifford
Brandee Evans As Mercedes
Elarica Johnson As Autumn Night
Parker Sawyers As Andre Watkins
Harriett D. Foy As Patrice Woodbine
Morocco Omari As Big L
Skyler Joy As Gidget
Bertram Williams Jr. As Woddy
Tyler Lepley As Diamond
Jordan Cox As Derrick
Miracle Watts As Big Bone
Shamika Cotton As Farrah
Dan J. Johnson As Corbin Kyle
Brandon Gilpin As DJ Neva Scared
Dominic DeVore As Duffy
Gail Bean As Roulette
Psalms As Whisper
Ashani Roberts As Britney Watkins
Helen Goldsby As Shelle
Elijahawon Perrin As Andre Supporter
James Sanders III As Diamond Squad
Zachariah Rogers As Pico
Loretta Devine As Ernestine
John Clarence Stewart As Big Teak
Bill Winkler As Bill
Tahj Vaughans As Terrance
Kadianne Whyte As Alisha
Tyshon Freeman As Tiger
Shalom C. Obiago As HV Hustler
Nikkita Johnson As Janice
Rashal James As HVH Hustler
Lorenzo Yearby As Tiny
Jonathan M. Jones As Ricky
Bobbie Eakes As Della
Joyful Drake As Chanisse
Erica Charleston As Peanut Butter
Nijah Brenea As Hot Wing Waitress
TJ Jackson As Birthmark
Rebecca Ray As Patron
Renika Williams As Young Mercedes
Darian Barnes As Clancy
Rolando Boyce As Julian
Phedra Syndelle As Nurse
Jerome Beazer As Quincy
Aria Celeste Castillo As Bottle Girl
Summer Rain Menkee As TV Interviewer
Patrick Ssenjovu As Godfrey
Tywayne Wheatt As Chester Ruffin
Schelle Purcell As Calpurnia
Mike Dolphy As EMT
Zuri James As Driver
Savage Houston As Lust
Teisha Speight As Passenger Cutie
DeJean Brown As James
Jamee Biscoe As Bougie Baddie
Nigel Barto As Club Patron, Gang Member
Jaylan O’Neal Abrams As 80’s Bar Patron
Jontavious Johnson As Kelvin
Ryan Caraway As EMT
Michael McIvory Jones As Intern
Jay Ayers As Customer
Rickey Colbert As Dez
Jayde Symone As Handclap Girl
Dustin Prestige As Abe Watkins
Nahla Sarea Peoples As Handclap Girl

P-Valley was developed in the hands of Salon Katori and is based on his work. The series features Brandee Evans, Elarica Johnson, Nicco Annan, J. Alphonse Nicholson, and Tyler Lepley, among others. The series is based around the tale of The Pynk which is a strip club in the fictional city of Chucalissa in Mississippi’s “Dirty Delta’. In the first season of the series, the main characters of the show are Brandee Evans Mercedes and Nicco Annan’s Uncle Clifford.

Uncle Clifford has had problems with her due to how distant and mysterious she can be However, Hall has said that he’ll determine exactly what “dangerous” and “manipulative” autumn will be in the coming season. Uncle Clifford was close to losing the club when he fell behind on his payment. Mayor Ruffin hoped to purchase the property in an auction as part of an effort to turn the property into a casino.

The top cabler has unveiled the latest trailer for its critically-acclaimed drama, “a kaleidoscopic story of a small strip club that could be located deep in the Mississippi delta, and the great characters that walk through its doors.” The drama that is a hit from executive producer and creator Katori Hall premieres Friday, June 3 at midnight on the STARZ app, STARZ streaming, and on-demand platforms.

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