Paradise (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Paradise (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer
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Paradise cast: Numan Acar, Iris Berben, Aleyna Cara. Paradise Release Date: 27 July 2023 (Netflix). Paradise Directors: Boris Kunz, Tomas Jonsgården, Indre Juskute. Paradise is looking full of Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. The thrilling near-future thriller was created by Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter and Rafael Parente of NEUESUPER GmbH.

Paradise is a German Action-Thriller movie (2023). Numan Acar, Iris Berben, Aleyna Cara are the main cast of Paradise (2023). With “Paradise” The film, a German Science Fiction thriller is scheduled to debut on 27th July 2023, in the Netflix streaming provider Netflix. Director Boris Kunz. The German sci-fi film has a stellar ensemble including Kostja Ullmann. Paradise is due to be released at Netflix on July 27, 2023.

This game of the mind is exciting and could lead to lively discussions. Social critique science fiction, dystopias of the future, political snark – there’s an abundance of things to consider. If the film does get involved in its goals and ambitions, as German productions are frequently blamed for, however, it doesn’t completely mess itself up. The first half is captivating and expertly lays out a series of tracks that you, as a viewer will are enticed to follow.

Paradise Plot:

When his wife is forced to forfeit forty years of her existence as the payment for an insurance bill the man is desperately looking for a way to win the money back.

Paradise Detail:

Movie: Paradise (2023)
Network: Netflix
Directors: Boris Kunz, Tomas Jonsgården, Indre Juskute
Writers: Simon Amberger, Peter Kocyla, Boris Kunz
Main Stars: Numan Acar, Iris Berben, Aleyna Cara
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: Germany
Languages: German, English
Release Date: 27 July 2023 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes
Filming locations: Germany
Also known As: パラダイス -人生の値段-, Paradise, Paradise (2023), Paradise Netflix

Paradise Cast:

Numan Acar As Viktor
Iris Berben
Aleyna Cara As Pamina Yildrim
Sarunas Datenis As Border Guard
Tomas Dziatlovskis As Policeman
Houssein Hariri As Mr. Bondar
Clovis Kasanda As Psychologist
Mija Kembre As Female Border Guard
Diana Krueger As Policewoman
Michael Ladek As Tramp
Karolis Legenis As Junkie
Egle Lekstutyte As Mrs. Steiner
Fortuna Meda As Emilia Steiner
Vytautas Medineckas As Teamleader
Gülderen Saglam As Mrs. Bondar
Donatas Simukauskas As Lithuanian Border Guard Officer
Hanh Mai Thi Tran As Charlotte Nguyen
Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
Kostja Ullmann
Lukas von Horbatschewsky As Denys Bondar
Ulrich Wickert As Ulrich Wickert
Matthias Ziesing As Mr. Steiner

“Paradise” is most likely to be among the costliest German Netflix production, and is also one of Germany’s top-quality feature films in recent times. The sci-fi thriller is amazing visually. Boris Kunz directs Paradise. He created the screenplay alongside Peter Kocyla and Simon Amberger. Paradise is a fresh take on the enduring question of what is the purpose of living.

The story revolves around the pharmaceutical giant Aeon. The director who is the managing director at the firm is able to collect for 40 years his wife Elena who was a victim of financial trouble. The husband of Elena, Max working at Aeon and other places, is in a state of panic. He takes Aeon’s boss hostage to gain his wife’s lifetime back. Sounds unbelievable? Actually, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has already invested in biotechnology.

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