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Paradise (Paraíso) TV Series (2021) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Paradise (Paraíso) TV Series (2021) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Paradise (Paraíso) cast: Macarena García, Iñaki Ardanaz, Pau Gimeno. Paradise (Paraíso) Release Date: 28 October 2021 (HBO MAX). Paradise (Paraíso) Episodes: 7. Paradise (Paraíso) is looking full of Adventure, Drama, Mystery. Now I,m going to tells you all about Paradise (Paraíso) TV Series (2021).

Paradise (Paraíso) is a Spanish Drama-Mystery TV Series (2021). Macarena García, Iñaki Ardanaz, Pau Gimeno are the main cast of Paradise (Paraíso) TV Series (2021). Alongside the assistance of his companions, they find something, not of this world. Paradise (Paraíso) Stream Paradise on October 28 on HBO Max.

The 1990s-set secret hails from Movistar+ and The Mediapro Studio in Spain and is coordinated by Fernando González Molina, who likewise fills in as leader maker. The Op-Doc “Paraíso” (Paradise) uncovers the excellence and risk of three window cleaners’ work on Chicago’s high rises. Paradise (Paraíso), another global series, debuts Thursday, October 28 on HBO Max.

Paradise (Paraíso) Plot:

A sci-fi secret series set not later on but rather back in the extended period of 1992.

Paradise (Paraíso) Detail:

TV Series: Paradise (Paraíso) (2021)
Network HBO MAX
Creators: Ruth García, Fernando González Molina, David Oliva
Main Stars: Macarena García, Iñaki Ardanaz, Pau Gimeno
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 28 October 2021 (HBO MAX)
Season: 1
Episodes: 7
Filming locations: Altea, Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
Also known As: Параїсо, Paradise, Paradise HBO MAX, Paraíso HBO, Paraíso (2021)

Paradise (Paraíso) Cast:

Macarena García As Paula Costa
Iñaki Ardanaz As Mario
Pau Gimeno As Javi
Cristian López As Álvaro
León Martínez As Quino
Héctor Gozalbo As Zeta
María Romanillos As Bea
Patricia Iserte As Olivia
Yoon C. Joyce As Zhou
Júlia Frigola As Sandra
Elena Gallardo As Eva
Gorka Otxoa As Morte
Jessica Rookeward As Sandra
Jenna Lea Rosen As Olivia
Manuel Pizarro As Ramón Costa
Juanjo Torres As Cazador
Noelia Pompa As Marta
Fran Cantos As Roca
Irina Bravo As Malena
Mikel Laskurain As Padre Bea
Alba Brunet As Reportera Informativos
Ana Marzoa As La Mortaja
Oti Manzano As María
Vicente Vergara As Antonio (padre Quino)
Juan Vinuesa As Mariano
Pepa Juan As Rosa (madre Quino)
Mireia Rey As Dora (madre Álvaro)
Markos Marín As Alberto (padre Álvaro)
Jorge Roldan As Cazador
Anatoly Chugunov As Cazador
Aránzazu Zárate As Cuidadora ritual
Lara Pons As Cuidadora joven
Isabel García Lorca As Jefa No Muertos
Elsa Chaves As Presentadora Informativos
Eva Arias As Cuidadora ritual
Uri Guitart As Óscar
Eva Lezcano As Periodista
Belén Orihuela As Madre Olivia
Manuel Maestro As Periodista
Tamara Costa As Periodista
Karina Kolokolchykova As Enfermera
Irene Murcia As Bibliotecaria

It’s an ideal opportunity to become more acquainted with Paraíso club and every one of the insider facts it stows away. The main scenes of the new series are presently accessible on HBO Max! The eccentric dorky public high schoolers who go an experienced figure of speech however make it Espanol. Its vault to seeing like Stranger Things toward the start is essential for the game. This is awesome and unnerving simultaneously!

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