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Parallels TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Parallels TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Parallels cast: Jules Houplain, Guillaume Labbé, Naidra Ayadi. Parallels Release Date: 23 March 2022 (Disney+). Parallels Episodes: 6. Parallels is looking full of Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi. “Parallels is an exciting, sci-fi adventure show with a hint of humor,” said Pauline Dauvin the VP of Programming. It is one of the very first French productions that will air through Disney Plus, in France and in all the of the other Disney Plus markets.” Dauvin said.

Parallels is a French Adventure-Mystery TV Series (2022). Jules Houplain, Guillaume Labbé, Naidra Ayadi are the main cast of Parallels TV Series (2022). Disney+ has released the trailer and poster for the brand new French Original series Parallels, described as a”Surreal Things”-style sci-fi drama. This is the first episode of the show, which will run for 6 episodes, will begin on the 23rd of March.

Parallels is about four of their friends four friends – Bilal, Romane, Samuel, and Victor The lives of these four friends turn upside down when an unidentified event splits the group into various timelines. They will do their best to comprehend the circumstances and strive to restore the innocence of their past lives.

Parallels Plot:

Four teen companions, on the French-Swiss boundary, whose lives are flipped around by an investigation of the LHC, the world’s greatest molecule collider.

Parallels Detail:

TV Series: Parallels (2022)
Network: Disney+
Main Stars: Jules Houplain, Guillaume Labbé, Naidra Ayadi
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 23 March 2022 (Disney+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also known As: Paralelos desconocidos, Parallels, Parallels Season 1, Parallels (2022)

Parallels Cast:

Jules Houplain
Guillaume Labbé
Naidra Ayadi
Gil Alma
Dimitri Storoge
Thomas Chomel
Omar Mebrouk
Jade Pedri
Maxime Bergeron
Agnès Miguras
Victoria Eber
Élise Diamant
Timoté Rigault
Romain Francisco As Laurent – Adjoint Retz

The show, whose initial season will run for six episodes, follows the lives of four friends – Bilal, Romane, Samuel, and Victor whose lives turn upside down after an unidentified series of incidents engulf them in different timelines. The four characters will try their best to figure out what transpired and get back to their earlier lives.

The initial episode of Netflix’s horror science-fiction and fantasy show Stranger Things aired in 2016 and became among the top viewed series of the network. The production managed to introduce the new platform to large audiences within a short period. The Disney digital channel Disney Plus, will begin broadcasting across the globe gradually and is currently making preparations for a change using a similar approach to production.

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