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Pinecone & Pony TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Pinecone & Pony TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Pinecone & Pony cast: Thom Allison, Chase Dillon, Maria Nash. Pinecone & Pony Release Date: 8 April 2022 (Apple TV+). Pinecone & Pony Episodes: 8. Pinecone & Pony is looking full of Animation. Apple TV+ has announced the launch of a new animated show designed for kids and families titled “Pinecone & Pony” which will premiere on the streaming channel on April 8. Kotte & pony is a creation of DreamWorks Animation, which also created Doug disconnections to Apple TV +.

Pinecone & Pony is an American Animation TV Series (2022). Thom Allison, Chase Dillon, Maria Nash are the main cast of Pinecone & Pony TV Series (2022). Based on the novel “Pinecone & Pony” by the bestselling creator Kate Beaton, the eight-episode series revolves around “a young girl named Pinecone who, with the help of her best friend Pony, is learning that there is more than one way” become the warrior.”

Based on the best-selling author Kate Beaton’s novel “Pinecone & Pony,” the eight-part story follows the young girl Pinecone who “learns through the support by her best pal Pony and discovers that there are many ways to go about it. Learn to become an eloquent fighter.” “Together the two will demonstrate to the world that they are able to go against expectations and prove that life can be a thrilling adventure if you allow it to be,” Apple wrote of the series.

Pinecone & Pony Plot:

Pinecone is a youngster that will discover that there’s more than one method for being a champion, her closest companion Pony is assisting her with getting a handle on this.

Pinecone & Pony Detail:

TV Series: Pinecone & Pony (2022)
Network: Apple TV+
Main Stars: Thom Allison, Chase Dillon, Maria Nash
Genre: Animation
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 8 April 2022 (Apple TV+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also known As: Pinecone y Pony, Pinecone & Pony, Pinecone & Pony Season 1, Pinecone & Pony (2022)

Pinecone & Pony Cast:

Maria Nash As Pinecone (Voice)
Chase W. Dillon As Hawthorn (Voice)
Rachel House As Gladys (Voice)
Thom Allison As Greymoon (Voice)
Viola Abley As Annabelle (Voice)
Alicia Richardson As Kimya (Voice)
Andy Hull As Arlo (Voice)

It’s about a young girl called Pinecone who along with Pony, her closest friend Pony discovers that there are many ways to become an effective warrior. Together, they’ll teach their audience how to defy expectations and the fact that living life is an enjoyable adventure if you choose to. Stephanie Kaliner, who has been the creator of Odd Troupe and many other series, is also the showrunner. The show is voiced by the talent from Maria Nash, Alicia Richardson, Andy Hull, Rachel House, Thom Allison, Chase W. Dillon, and Viola Abley.

For all you webcomic lovers who are out on the internet, Kate Beaton started sharing her work through the website comic Hark! To Vagrant, in which she mostly shared humorous parodies from historical incidents and characters. She also posted comics featuring a chubby horse and the adventures she had. The pony was later featured in her novel, Pinecone & Pony which is currently being developed into an animated show for Apple TV.

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