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Press Play (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Press Play (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Press Play cast: Lewis Pullman, Danny Glover, Matt Walsh. Press Play Release Date: 24 June 2022 (USA). Press Play Director: Greg Björkman. Press Play is looking full of Music. The film features Clara Rugaard as Laura, Lewis Pullman as Harrison, Danny Glover as Cooper, Lyrica Okano as Chloe and Matt Walsh as Mr. Knoll.

Press Play is an American Music movie (2022). Lewis Pullman, Danny Glover, Matt Walsh are the main cast of Press Play (2022). Greg Bjorkman starring Josh Boone (The mistake in our stars). The film is scheduled to be available in theatres and digital formats on the 24th of June on The Avenue. It is impossible to change the past. All we can try to do is change the present and future.

Laura and Harrison share a perfect love story built on their shared love for music. After a tragic crash, Laura is given the opportunity to save the lover of her life when she realizes that her mixtape could bring her back to the past. It features an animated soundtrack with the music from Japanese Breakfast, Father John Misty, Dayglow, and more, Press Play reminds you that love can be repeated.

Press Play Plot:

A young lady gets an opportunity to save her first love when she finds that the combined tape they made as can move her back in time.

Press Play Detail:

Movie: Press Play (2022)
Network: CJ Entertainment
Director: Greg Björkman
Writers: James Bachelor, Greg Björkman
Main Stars: Lewis Pullman, Danny Glover, Matt Walsh
Genre: Music
Countries: South Korea, United States
Language: English
Release Date: 24 June 2022 (USA)
Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes
Also known As: Press Play and Love Again, Press Play, Press Play Movie, Press Play (2022)

Press Play Cast:

Lewis Pullman As Harrison
Danny Glover As Cooper
Matt Walsh As Mr. Knott
Christina Chang As Mrs. Knott
Clara Rugaard As Laura
Lyrica Okano As Chloe
Kekoa Kekumano As Jason
Rachel Trautmann As Laura’s Friend
Michelle Zauner As Self
Taiana Tully As Young Mom
Cody Easterbrook As Drunk guy
Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink As Art Patron
Kimzie Luong As Art Patron
Deven Craige As Self
Luke Lenza As Brett
Luis Pereira As Construction Worker
Peter Bradley As Self
Shereen Balles As Store Patron
Christian Cook As Patron
Craig Hendrix As Self
Ativalu Scanlan As Art Patron
Jess A. Cruz As Party-goer
Darny Chau As Funeral Attendee
Greg Vaillancourt As Patron

The trailer for the first single from Press Play introduces Laura and Harrison who are alike young couples. A lot of couples have reached their goals, such as creating mixtapes and surfing together for one another. But their happy times are over when Harrison is killed in an accident. In the aftermath of her loss, Laura discovers that the mixtape could take her mind back to when she first encountered the track with Harrison. If he is able to convince Harrison that he was from the past, then this is his chance to alter everything.

Mixtapes as a method for time travel is very real in Greg Bjorkman’s romantic film Press Play and Love Again. However, young love is separated when Harrison is involved in a horrific accident. A few years later, Laura finds time to listen to the mixtape again, and what happens is truly amazing by using the songs Laura traverses time and is able to make a difference in the past.

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