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Road Trip Romance (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Road Trip Romance (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Road Trip Romance cast: Natalie Hall, Corey Sevier, Elana Dunkelman. Road Trip Romance Release Date: 14 May 2022 (Hallmark). Road Trip Romance Director: Samantha Wan. Road Trip Romance is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance. Can you think of anything that is more romantic as a trip on the road? Hallmark will demonstrate how the road can bring romance to even the most tense of relationships.

Road Trip Romance is an American Drama-Family movie (2022). Natalie Hall, Corey Sevier, Elana Dunkelman are the main cast of Road Trip Romance (2022). Margo (Hall) is a huge fan of her sister of her, Blair (Borsellino) who is set to be married in Wichita within three days. As maid of honor, Margo must be at the bachelor’s party, the rehearsal dinner, and then the big wedding. Road Trip Romance released on Hallmark 14 May 2022.

Together with her, she has Alden (Sevier) Sevier, who was always an adversary in her high school. At their home in Wichita school, they were in competition in everything from the debate club to the pep team. Margo isn’t quite willing to travel along with Alden. However, Alden must go to Wichita to attend his father’s retirement celebration. However, as their journeys together they discover how much they share. They also start to realize how the rivalry in high school conceals a deep attraction.

Road Trip Romance Plot:

A raising series of appalling occasions continue to postpone a young lady’s excursion to her sister’s wedding – an excursion she is compelled to take with the person who was her greatest adversary in secondary school.

Road Trip Romance Detail:

Movie: Road Trip Romance (2022)
Network: Hallmark
Director: Samantha Wan
Writers: J.B. White, Steve N. White
Main Stars: Natalie Hall, Corey Sevier, Elana Dunkelman
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 14 May 2022 (Hallmark)
Also known As: Get Me to the Wedding on Time, Road Trip Romance, Road Trip Romance (2022), Road Trip Romance Hallmark, Hallmark Movies

Road Trip Romance Cast:

Natalie Hall As Megan Miller
Corey Sevier As Alden Brown
Elana Dunkelman As Della Simmons
Dave Rose As Cabbie
Julia Borsellino As Blair Miller
Danielle Bourgon As Zadie
George Krissa As Franklin
Kate MacLellan As Stella
Jesse Reynolds As Receptionist
Colton Royce As Jack Evans
Derick Agyemang As Will
Wendy German As Edie Miller

Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier Find Love in the Hallmark Channel’s “Road trip Romance’. Hallmark Channel’s Spring Into Love “A Road-trip Romance” will air on Saturday, May 14 at 8/7c pM Eastern time featuring Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier. The marriage of convenience, the lovers to enemies, best friend’s brother road trip, and forced closeness. All the most popular tropes into one epic film.

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