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Running the Bases (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Running the Bases (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Running the Bases cast: Brett Varvel, Todd Terry, Raphael Ruggero. Running the Bases Release Date: 16 September 2022 (USA). Running the Bases Directors: Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble. Running the Bases is looking full of Family. If a baseball coach from a small town is offered the opportunity of an entire lifetime from a bigger school in 6A He evicts his family and leaves the only place the coach has ever had.

Running the Bases is an American Family movie (2022). Brett Varvel, Todd Terry, Raphael Ruggero are the main cast of Running the Bases (2022). The film Make the Basics Work is co-written and directed by Marty-Robert and Jimmy Womble, both making their directorial debuts with this film following a previous production work. Running the Bases release on 16 September 2022.

in the drama about sports, Running the Bases, a gifted young baseball player is lost to his equally talented brother in the course of a game. He is struck by an illness of the heart and passes away. The brother who survived him has the same condition and is forced to stop gambling. Instead, he commits himself to coach however, the circumstances demand more of him than he could have imagined.

Running the Bases Plot:

If a baseball coach from a small town is offered the job of the lifetime from a more prestigious 6-A high school disperses his family and moves away from the only home he’s known. However, as a man of faith, he is soon confronted with adversity to his methods of coaching from the school’s principal.

Running the Bases Detail:

Movie: Running the Bases (2022)
Directors: Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble
Writers: Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble
Main Stars: Brett Varvel, Todd Terry, Raphael Ruggero
Genre: Family
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 16 September 2022 (USA)
Runtime: 2 hours 7 minutes
Filming locations: Harrison, Arkansas, USA
Also Known As: Running the Bases, Running the Bases Movie, Running the Bases (2022)

Running the Bases Cast:

Brett Varvel As Luke Brooks
Todd Terry As Michael Jamison
Raphael Ruggero As Teen Luke Brooks
Eric Hanson As Coach Gilbert
Gigi Orsillo As Jessica Brooks
Isabelle Almoyan As Katie Harper
Michael Ochotorena As Red
Cameron Arnett As Sam Parker
Justin Sterner As Ryan Jamison
Jackson Trent As Coach Morris
Isaiah LaBorde As Rick Garrison
Will Oliver As Cameron Scott
Michael J. Patterson As Officer Turner
Amber Sweet Sterner As Danielle
Candace Kirkpatrick As Heather Gray
Jeremias Hadley As Young Boy
Brad Stine As Jay Ashcroft
Brendan Carl Reimer As Joshua Brooks
Dakota Bruton As Teenage Jessica
Meggie Jenny As Cindy Dorman
Anita Cordell As Diane Brooks
Garry Nation As Ted Graham
David Michael Reardon As Cody Garrison
Robert Thomason As Principal Charlie Rogers
Levan Smith As Tony
Stephen Caudill As Matt Brooks
Talia Alanis As Cheryl
Van Stewman Jr. As Alex Kinney
Alyson Courtney As Parkwood News Reporter
Bridger Trent As Josh Jr.
Verda Davenport As Dr. Spurlock
Braxton Brown As Young Luke Brooks
Keisha Lewis As Mandy
Stephon Gryskiewicz As Jerry Wilhite
Braylon Brown As Young Joshua Brooks
Stephen C. Lewis As Coach Cage Tyson
Robert Manning As Mustangs Coach
Weston Kenyon As Baseball Fan / School Student

Let’s be clear It’s a form of religious propaganda that is intended to deceive and push people to adhere to a stricter religion. The story follows a small-town baseball coach who gets an invitation to coach a highly successful high school team but is thrown in trouble for mixing coaching and religion. It’s a direct response to the incident in Texas concerning prayer during games.

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