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Ruxx TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Ruxx TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Ruxx cast: Alec Secareanu, Raluca Aprodu, Serban Pavlu. Ruxx Release Date: 8 March 2022 (HBO Max). Ruxx Episodes: 8. Ruxx is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Romance. Now I’m going to tell you all about Ruxx TV Series (2022).

Ruxx is a Romanian Comedy-Drama TV Series (2022). Alec Secareanu, Raluca Aprodu, Serban Pavlu are the main cast of Ruxx TV Series (2022). HBO will debut its Romanian series Ruxx which was shot in Romania and is the first HBO Europe production created by Vera Ion, a writer who also wrote for the series. Updating 03.02.2022: Ruxx will be the first HBO Max premiere in Romania beginning on March 8th, 2022.

Ruxx is a show that explores the relationship between the younger generation in Romania A series that has been shot in contemporary and beautiful Bucharest. The filming process has just begun which means there’s no date set for the release of the first episode of this series. We will be updating the post when we know more. “RUXX is a show that stands out from anything else that has been produced in Romania up to now.

Ruxx Plot:

Hip current relationship dramatization that glances at the youthful age of a nation got between the past and what’s to come. It’s fixated on the nominal person, who’s exploring a requesting vocation, and, between her sister and her sweetheart, her reasonable portion of dramatization, in Romania’s capital city.

Ruxx Detail:

TV Series: Ruxx (2022)
Network: HBO Max
Main Stars: Alec Secareanu, Raluca Aprodu, Serban Pavlu
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Romania
Language: Romanian
Release Date: 8 March 2022 (HBO Max)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also Known As: Ruxx, Ruxx HBO Max, Ruxx (2022), HBO Max Shows

Ruxx Cast:

Alec Secareanu As Andrei
Raluca Aprodu As Rux
Serban Pavlu As Moscu
Ioana Bugarin As Denisa
Madalina Craiu As Cristina
Bogdan Dumitrache As Alex
Alina Chivulescu As Liliana
Marian Olteanu As Dragos
Ruxandra Maniu As Gina
Claudiu Dumitru As Tavi
Philipp Baltus As Tomas
Vlad Brumaru As Jiji
Maria Simona Arsu As Silvia
Trica Hristu As Ionut
Adrian Paduraru As Horia Munteanu
Iulian Postelnicu As Daniel
Dorian Boguta As Dan Teodorovici
Dan Ursu As Tony (The Place)
George Constantinescu As George
Nicoleta Lefter As Ivona
Alexandru Buescu As Freddie
Denis Stefan As Soferul lui Moscu
Vicol Nicolae As Coleg TV
Gabriel Spahiu As Domnul Rusu
Ioana Chitu
George Albert Costea
Paul Dunca As Leo
Mihai Dan Zarug
Ioana Flora As Mama lui Dani
Ionut Alin Ionescu As Thomas Martin
Kristina Cepraga As Smaranda Barbu
Sorin Tofan As Tatal lui Dani
Nucu Stangaciu As Topograf
Hassan Aziz As Amir
David Blaj As Fratele lui Dani
Marcus Moldowan As Baiatul barman
Alina Sencovici As Prezentatoare stiri electorale
Iulia Alexandra Barbu As Eva
Radu Solcanu As Topograf
Andreea Jighirgiu
Stefan Dennis As Soferul lui Moscu
Aida Economu As Prezentatoarea stiri TV
Ilona Brezoianu As Simina, sotia lui Tavi
Adina Stetcu As Femeia cu copilul in sling
Ada Dumitru As Stilista Lilianei
Cosmin Dominte As Agresor Dani
Voica Oltean As Receptionera PANORAMIC TV
Alexandra Poiana As Doamna alegatoare
Doru Catanescu As Sofer
Iulia Alexandra Dinu As Eva
Mircea Drimbareanu As Barbat homofob
Cosmin Selesi As Prezentatorul Statuii
Adrian Bila As Cameramanul clipului de campanie
Dana Voicu As Doinita (costumiera)
Mihai Verbintschi As Doru Muresan
Emilia Dobrin As Antrenoarea Lilianei
Puiu Mircea Lascus As Sofer taxi
Alexandru Ion As Analistul Politic
Christine Popa As Voluntara festivalului
George Rotaru As Politistul anti-drog
Paul Radu As Secretarul NTR
Ciobanu Petru As Agresor Dani
Alex Chindris As Calauza
Ilinca Prisacariu As Asistenta personala emisiune TV
Adrian Ciglenean As Trecatorul
George Stancu As Barbat homofob
Sebastian Lupu As Mike
Alex Robu As Asistentul de televiziune
Laurentiu Dragan As Agresor Dani
Alexandru-Victor Nemteanu As Agresor Dani
Razvan Vicoveanu As Tanarul alegator
Ana Badilas As Asistenta medicala

Original HBO Max production, written by Vera Ion and directed by Iulia Rugina and Octav Gheorghe. It has eight episodes lasting 45 minutes. First, two of them will be released via HBO Max on launch day. Rux is planning to move to the USA. The United States, but life has different plans for her: she will have to oversee her boss’s largest project and his wife’s presidential campaign.

RUXX is a new show about the importance of relationships as well as the younger generation of Romania which is a country that is caught between the past and the present. The show follows the turmoil that the protagonist Rux (Ruxandra) which is played by Raluca Aprodu. The character struggles to balance her demanding work, which includes a renowned property developer in Bucharest as well as other obligations in her life.

The film was filmed mostly in Bucharest and features a lively soundtrack that Romanian songs are the majority, RUXX addresses the most commonly faced challenges for women in Romania such as unhealthy relationships to misogyny, from the social obstacles and inequalities to sabotage. It also highlights the necessity of empathy and perseverance, as well as the courage to express yourself.

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