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Section 8 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Section 8 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Section 8 cast: Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney, Scott Adkins. Section 8 Release Date: 23 September 2022 (AMC+). Section 8 Director: Christian Sesma. Section 8 is looking full of Action, Thriller. The audience can break the gap in waiting with action-packed Section 8 , in which at least three veteran actors from the Expendables series take on.

Section 8 is an American Action-Thriller movie (2022). Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney, Scott Adkins are the main cast of Section 8 (2022). In the last eight decades, Expendables enthusiasts have impatiently waited for the return of their beloved action heroes. The third film, which was blatantly designed for PG-13, did not leave an overwhelmingly pleasant aftertaste. Section 8 release on AMC+ and 23rd September 2022.

Section 8 should be a more modest affair, geared mostly at fans of action who aren’t averse to the standard B-stock genre, as long as there are familiar faces to be seen. Martial arts legend Scott Adkins plays one of the villains of the film, while Mickey Rourke portrays Jake’s father, Earl. RLJE Films has released an updated trailer to Section 8, the upcoming action film starring veterans Dolph Lundgren as well as Mickey Rourke.

Section 8 Plot:

In the wake of avenging the homicide of his family, a previous trooper is sprung from jail and enlisted by a shadowy government organization.

Section 8 Detail:

Movie: Section 8 (2022)
Network: AMC+
Director: Christian Sesma
Writers: Chad Law, Josh Ridgway
Main Stars: Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney, Scott Adkins
Genres: Action, Thriller
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 23 September 2022 (AMC+)
Budget: $5,000,000 (EST)
Runtime: 1 hour 38 minutes
Also known As: Section Eight, Section 8 Movie

Section 8 Cast:

Mickey Rourke As Earl Atherton
Dermot Mulroney As Sam Ramsey
Scott Adkins As Leonard Locke
Dolph Lundgren As Tom Mason
Ryan Kwanten As Jake Atherton
Robert LaSardo As Fresh
Maurice Compte As US Attorney General Martin Savoy
Geoffrey Blake As Senator Jim Graham
Tracy Perez As Liza Mueller
Jessica Medina As Miss Martinez
Paul Sloan As Roland Brunner
Dan Matteucci As FBI Agent
Mary Christina Brown As Agent Morrow
Justin Furstenfeld As Ajax Abernathy
Brandon Burrows As Detective Robert Subcott
Stephen Cyrus Sepher As Edward Grayson
Kimi Alexander As Ashton Atherton
Jay Montalvo As Alejandro Castillo
Robert Laenen As Enod Bacharav
Noah Alexander Sosnowski As Weston Atherton
Courtney Lauren Penn As Mother on the Bus
Tatiana Sophia Massa As Nurse Brooke
Zachary Michael Cruz As Landon
Tyler Sabino As Alex Elias
Keith Compton As FBI Agent
Javad Ramezani As Peter
August Burrows-Caldwell As Boy on the Bus

It another one of those incredibly simple, yet instantly memorable action films that keep coming out. In the wake of vengeance for his family’s death, an ex-soldier is released from jail and is enlisted by a sinister government agency. It’s like The Suicide Squad, but not with the superheroes it’s just a group of rough action actors doing something on-screen action.

In addition to his voice in the animated film Minions: The Rise of Gru Lundgren’s long schedule of movies is set to go on and the most well-known titles include The Expendables 4 and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In the case of Rourke, an Oscar-winning actor in The Wrestler is set to be a part of Roman Polanski’s Dark comedy The Palace.

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