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Sentença Aka Verdict TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Sentença Aka Verdict TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Verdict cast: Camila Morgado, Lucinha Lins, Bárbara Colen. Verdict Release Date: 15 April 2022 (Prime Video). Verdict Episodes: 6. Verdict is looking full of Drama, Crime. Heloisa who is superbly played by Camila Morgado, experiences scenes of action and adrenaline-packed with twists and turns as she fights for justice in this six-episode first season.

Sentença Aka Verdict is a Portuguese Drama-Crime TV Series (2022). Camila Morgado, Lucinha Lins, Bárbara Colen are the main cast of Sentença Aka Verdict TV Series (2022). Original Amazon The series is based on a criminal lawyer. Produced locally through Cimarron Cine, it will be launched on the streaming platform on the 15th of April.

In the film “Sentenca”, Heloisa is an attorney for criminals who believes that every person is entitled to a defense, regardless of the severity of the crime. She has the experience and knows the intricacies of the Brazilian penitentiary and prison system where a large number of prisoners are left without legal aid. When a case is sparked by the nation and Heloisa becomes the accused killer’s lawyer, she’s trapped in an issue involving the head of the country’s biggest criminal group and a mysterious group who wants him killed.

Verdict Plot:

In Sentença’s plot, the accomplished criminal legal advisor Heloísa takes a stab at everybody to reserve the option to protection, no matter what the wrongdoing perpetrated.

Verdict Detail:

TV Series: Sentença Aka Verdict (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Creator: Paula Knudsen
Main Stars: Camila Morgado, Lucinha Lins, Bárbara Colen
Genres: Drama, Crime
Countries: Uruguay, Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 15 April 2022 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Montevideo, Uruguay
Also Known As: Sentença, Sentença Prime Video, Verdict Season 1, Verdict (2022), Sentença Temporada 1

Verdict Cast:

Camila Morgado As Heloísa
Lucinha Lins As Olga
Bárbara Colen As Tereza
Fernando Alves Pinto As Pedro
Marcos Alberto Filho As Jonas
Rui Ricardo Diaz As Zeca
Samya Pascotto As Flora
Pedro Caetano As Rogéiro
Lourinelson Vladmir As Jaime
Heloísa Jorge As Moira
Lena Roque As Dinorah
Leandro Daniel As Matheus
Victor Hugo Martins As Hugo
Arthur Kohl As Octavio
Clara Carvalho As Carolina
Eli Ferreira As Julia
Stefani Balbi As Repórter 1
Luiza Dacosta Rodriguez As Paramédica
Facundo Rivero Piñeyro As Irmao De Jorge
Victor Hugo Martins As Hugo
Italo Martins Santos As Cabeça
Roberto Scarficcia As Nivaldo
Miwa Yanagizawa As Bete
Paulo Reis As Desembargador Magalhaes
Stefanie Neukirch As Carolina Jovem
Diego De Gregorio
Sarah Roston As Bianca
Diego Di Gregorio As Mauro
Glaci Andriotti As Dona Rosani
Marina Provenzzano As Denise
Ademir Emboava As Bruno
Mônica Born As Repórter Mulher
Mariana Olivera As Garota de Programa
María Luisa Techera As Célia
Rômulo Medeiros As Ozim
André Abujamra As Amilcar
Simone Iliescu As Carla
Paula Cohen As Vanda
Claudia Santos As Juíza caso Nascimar
Anderson Salgado Franco As Cobrador de ônibus
Rômulo Marinho Jr. As Eduardo
Tiago Araújo As Namorado de Rorgéiro
Patricia Thomaz As Segurança Raio-X Fórum
Bruno Sigrist As Motorista Engarrafamento
Lilian de Lima As Rosa
Carolina Simoni As Lidiane
Rodrigo Camarote As Marreta
Rafael Valeire As Pastor Valdir
Yamandú Barrios As Paramédico
Guilherme de Alencar Pinto As Promotor caso Dinorah
Anderson Salgado Franco As Passageiro Ônibus
Wender do Amaral As Policial
Bel Kowarick As Juiza
Adriano Klingelbt As Maj Pm Caio
Maria Emília Carvalho As Promotora caso Nascimar
Plínio Soares As Gonçalvez
Carolinasimoni As Lidiane
Leonardo Senna As Lázaro
Tom Brynner As Detento
Eugenia Josponis As Enfermeira
Andressa Braun As Juíza Caso Dinorah
Vini Souza Carvalho As Robson
Lucca de Castro As Juiz Quintero
Rita De Cássia As Magali
Bruno De Moro As Escrevente
María Eugenia Fernández As Heloísa Criança
Giovanna Félix As Valentina
Marcela Ikeda As Enfermeira
Susana Macknight As Jerusa
Hugo Martínez As Maestro
Carla Méndez As Kelly
Amanda Pietra As Martina
Fausto Ribeiro As Senhor Milton

In this dangerous adventure, Heloisa still has to confront a childhood tragedy that is still buried in her mind and could expose an unsettling family secret. While searching, she is not just looking for the truth, but also to discover what transpired to the new customer. When a famous criminal lawyer witnesses one of her clients she loves who is victimized by penitentiary abuse in the Brazilian penitentiary process.

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