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Signora Volpe TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Signora Volpe TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Signora Volpe cast: Emilia Fox, Tara Fitzgerald, Giovanni Cirfiera. Signora Volpe Release Date: 2 May 2022 (Acorn TV). Signora Volpe Episodes: 3. Signora Volpe is looking full of Drama. The series is comprised of three 90-minute episodes The series is developed with the help of ITV Studios – backed production company Route 24, with Italian production being handled by Cattleya.

Signora Volpe is a UK Drama TV Series (2022). Emilia Fox, Tara Fitzgerald, Giovanni Cirfiera are the main cast of Signora Volpe TV Series (2022). For the uninitiated casual observer, there’s nothing special in Sylvia Fox (Fox), an intelligent and confident woman in her 40s who is hesitant to talk about her remarkable language skills as well as her impressive knowledge of weapons and her skills as a marksman. Signora Volpe release on Acorn TV on May 2nd, 2022.

Beginning the new chapter of her life in Italy, Sylvia finds that trouble is always with her wherever she is. Driven by her desire for justice, her adventurous nature, curiosity to the max, and determination to show the truth, Sylvia soon finds herself caught up in more intriguing investigations and crimes. Acorn TV’s upcoming British mystery Whitstable Pearl.

Signora Volpe Plot:

Sylvia, a baffled British covert agent turned investigator begins another life in the delightful heart of Italy. She before long figures out inconvenience follows her any place she goes.

Signora Volpe Detail:

TV Series: Signora Volpe (2022)
Network: Acorn TV
Creators: Rachel Cuperman, Sally Griffiths
Main Stars: Emilia Fox, Tara Fitzgerald, Giovanni Cirfiera
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 2 May 2022 (Acorn TV)
Season: 1
Episodes: 3
Filming locations: Lazio, Italy
Also Known As: Signora Volpe, Signora Volpe Season 1, Signora Volpe (2022)

Signora Volpe Cast:

Emilia Fox As Sylvia Fox
Tara Fitzgerald As Isabel Vitale
Giovanni Cirfiera As Capitano Riva
Mehdi Meskar As Samir Hamdani
Matteo Carlomagno As Matteo Vitale
Imma Piro As Antonella Vitale
Marianne Leoni As Raffaela Tasso
Issy Knopfler As Alice Shepherd
Jamie Bamber As Adam Haines
Andrea Piedimonte Bodini As Salvatore Zampa
Luigi Di Fiore As Ercole Guerra
Paolo Saverio Fantoni As Luca Zampa
Eleonora Albrecht As Laura Boscolo
Bronagh Gallagher As Mallory Bell
Francesco De Vito As Carlo Sabatini
Alexander Arnold As Sasha Pavlenko
Enrique Arce As Dimitri Pavlenko
Gaia Scodellaro As Imogen Blake
Vincenzo Tanassi As Alonzo Lombardi
Gianni Franco As Gino Zampa
Abdelfattah Qzaibar As Middle east spy
Stefano Fregni As Ernesto Bevilacqua
Pierangelo Menci As Mario Rizzo
Andrea Bruschi As Giuseppe Pannacci
Francesca Alice Antonini As Roberta Agosti
Giorgia Trasselli As Elena Deconte
Melissa Anna Bartolini As Ornella
Daniele Natali As Andrea Pannacci

Despite a bleak start to her holiday, Sylvia is fascinated by Umbria, the greenest region of Italy, and is pleased and thrilled to reconnect with her sister who has been separated from her, Isabel Vitale (Tara Fitzgerald) living in the stunning town on the hill of Panicale. When she discovers an old, beautiful house that is abandoned, Sylvia decides to buy it, take a break from her job, and begin over.

In Italy, He meets with his sibling Isabel Vitale (Tara Fitzgerald). The city’s charm is enough to make her purchase an old house that is abandoned and quit her job to begin afresh. But she’s not suited to live a quiet existence and her secrets are bound to haunt her. From an abduction of a young lady about a quarter of a century ago as well as the disappearance of truffled pork as well as a plot to blackmail the son of an influential Russian politician.

Acorn TV today revealed the official trailer and the premiere date for its three-part drama detective program Signora Volpe starring Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, Delicious, The Pianist). Filmed in Italy’s breathtaking Lazio as well as the Umbria region, the modern series comes from Acorn TV Original can launch on the 2nd of May on Acorn TV.

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