Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox teases "absolutely brilliant" episode for Liz Carr's Clarissa Mullery in season 23. Exclusive: First look at Silent Witness season 23 teases what's to come for Dr Nikki Alexander.

Silent Witness is a United Kingdom Drama-Mystery TV Series (1996-Present). Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 cast: David Caves, Emilia Fox, Rhiannon May. Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 Release Date: February 12, 2024 (BBC One/iPlayer). Silent Witness Season 27 Total Episodes: 10.

Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 Plot:

The Lyell are summoned for King’s Cross Station Museum, which is where they find the bodies of eight victims, buried beneath. In the light of the fact that a notorious serial killer was in operation in London around 20 years back, Nikki and the team are certain that this will be an investigation unlike any other.

What is the Silent Witness About:

This latest series just aired in Singapore here on ‘BBC First’, a subscription video-on-demand service. Like all its previous seasons, it is immensely compelling to watch. I find that rather disturbing watching it happen with her time and time again. So please, give her character some techniques on self-defense and quit trying to make her look so innocent and gentle.

The seasons that Amanda Burton was on the show were pretty good but the Nikki, Harry, Leo combination is just maddening. They live in a world where anyone is allowed access to their homes and lives with dire consequences. It happens all the time, Let me just go in here and tamper with evidence while no one is looking.

Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 Detail:

Episode Name: King’s Cross (1)
Network: BBC One/iPlayer
Director: Toby Frow
Writers: Ed Whitmore
Main Stars: David Caves, Emilia Fox, John Hannah
Genres: CrimeDramaMystery
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: February 12, 2024 (BBC One/iPlayer)
Season: 27
Total Episodes: 10
Episode Number: 9
Also known As: Silent Witness Season 27 Ep 9, Silent Witness (2024)

Release Date:

Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 will be released on Monday, 12 February at 5 PM on BBC One/iPlayer.

Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 Trailer:

Silent Witness Season 27 Episode 9 Cast:

Emilia Fox As Dr. Nikki Alexander
Ashley Margolis As Haidar Alam
Julie Graham As Elinor Shaw
David Caves As Jack Hodgson
Cavan Clerkin As Ian Fish
Maeve Courtier-Lilley As Vanessa
Sean Pertwee As DI John Flynn
Nadine Marshall As DI Sarah Torres
Kevin McNally As Professor Peter Cherry
Lisa Allen As The Tourist
Hermione Norris As C.S. Shelia Court
Neil Pearson As D.I. Steve Tudor
Rhiannon May As Cara Connelly
Aki Omoshaybi As Professor Gabriel Folukoya
Alastair Michael As Velvy Schur
John Thomson As DI Warren Bull
Kaye Wragg As Valerie Fullerton

Episodes List:

1. Effective Range (1) – (Mon Jan 08, 2024)
2. Effective Range (2) – (Tue Jan 09, 2024)
3. Grievance Culture (1) – (Mon Jan 15, 2024)
4. Grievance Culture (2) – (Tue Jan 16, 2024)
5. Invisible (1) – (Mon Jan 29, 2024)
6. Invisible (2) – (Tue Jan 23, 2024)
7. Death By A Thousand Hits Part (1) – (Mon Feb 5, 2024)
8. Death By A Thousand Hits Part (2) – (Mon Feb 05, 2024)
9. King’s Cross (1) – (Wed Feb 07, 2024)
10. King’s Cross (2) – (Mon Feb 12, 2024)

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