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Small Group (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Small Group (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Small Group cast: Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, Matt Chastain. Small Group Release Date: 17 April 2022 (UPtv). Small Group Director: Matt Chastain. Small Group is looking full of Drama. The information they gather through their investigation, however, they come to a totally different perspective on Christians and makes any preconceptions disappear.

Small Group is an American Drama movie (2022). Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, Matt Chastain are the main cast of Small Group (2022). More than 100 hours of content that tell stories of hope, faith, and affection through UPtv, Easter Lives Here. The premiere film “Faith, Hope, and Love’ on Easter Sunday at 7 pm ET. Then, watch the premier film “Small Group at 9 pm ET.

Small Group – Documentary filmmaker Scott Cooper gets the unusual task of creating a documentary about Christians. The intention of the film is to demonstrate and expose the dangers that are of this religious community. To get the most accurate video footage to make the movie Scott as well as his partner enter an uninvolved group of Christians.

Small Group Plot:

Narrative movie producer R. Scott Cooper, determined to uncover the clouded side of Christian culture, penetrates a little gathering.

Small Group Detail:

Movie: Small Group (2022)
Network: UPtv
Director: Matt Chastain
Writer: Matt Chastain
Main Stars: Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, Matt Chastain
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 17 April 2022 (UPtv)
Runtime: 2 hours 1 minute
Also known As: Small Group, Small Group UP, Small Group (2022)

Small Group Cast:

Sterling Hurst As R. Scott Cooper
Emily Dunlop As Mary Cooper
Matt Chastain As Shane Baxter
Derrick Gilliam As Robert Mathison
James Cole As Kenny Lynch
Copelyn Chastain As Casey Cooper
Liza Jaine As Elyse Baxter
Nelson Bonilla As Sam Channell
Robert Riechel Jr. As Ballard Nelson
Rachel Sorensen As Monica Mathison
Rebeca Robles As Cori Crowder
Marilyn Chung As Emily Lynch
Kasandra Bandfield As Rebecca Kailani
Caleb Nix Hoffmann As Billy
Griffin Hood As Chaz
Matt Mercurio As Deke Kailani
Vic Doss As Pastor Vic
Otto Rene Orellana As Carlos
Valerie Sue Love As Dr. Tia Hines
Manuel Fajardo As Jorge
America Baker As Airline Ticket Agent
Jacki Whiting As Jacki
Phillip Blume As Phillip
Najah Bradley As Barista
Dennis Roland As Hardware Store Goliath
Laura Healy As Laura
Lydia Sloan As Lydia
Rocky Smith As Rocky
Tia Nikolopoulas As Aunt Marge
Michael Healy As Michael
Alysabeth Vititoe As Lisa
Krystle Cobran As Krystle
Matthew McGee As Madam Madaline
Russ Tanner As Russ
George Howard Adams As Paramedic
Judah Hobbs As R. Scott Cooper (Age 11)
Luis Alberto Sánchez Meneses As Francisco
Dannette Flint As Grandma
Cj Hipp Cj Hipp As C.J.
Chad Audino As R. Scott Cooper (Age 19)
Wesley Walters As Jason
Guadalupe Soto Montoya As Jetlin
Alexandra Ficken As Heather
Dale Wheatley As Megaphone Man
Nathan Hardeman As Angry Neighbor
Claudia Hardeman As Claudia
José Mariano Díaz Duarte As Jose
Luis Mario Orellana As Julio
Chel Brickhouse As Church Member
Matthew McGee As Madam Madaline
Zak Miller As Hit Piece Voice Over
Bina Forbes As Church Receptionist
Anthony Vance Pierce As Small group bible study member
Candy Rachor As Nurse
Doug Stroup As Small Group Leader
Alex Sunkins As Church Member
William Walker As Pedestrian

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