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Smother-in-Law ( Sogra Que Te Pariu) TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Smother-in-Law TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Smother-in-Law cast: Thaíssa Carvalho, Alex Teix, Rodrigo Sant’anna. Smother-in-Law Release Date: 13 April 2022 (Netflix). Smother-in-Law Episodes: 10. Smother-in-Law is looking full of Comedy. The sitcom is part some previously unavailable local programming created specifically for the streaming service.

Smother-in-Law is a Portuguese TV Series (2022). Thaíssa Carvalho, Alex Teix, Rodrigo Sant’anna are the main cast of Smother-in-Law ( Sogra Que Te Pariu) TV Series (2022). “A Sogra Que Te Pariu Aka Smother-in-Law” the first Netflix Brazilian multi-camera sitcom, is set to begin airing on the 13th of April. Ten episodes with approximately 25 minutes, the show was created through Os Suburbanos Producoes for Netflix and directed by Alex Cabral.

On the contrary, he said that the show “De Volta aos 15” was renewed for a new season and will feature 2-time travelers. It will also feature Maisa along with Camila Queiroz playing the lead characters Anita 15, and 30 respectively. The constant demands of your family is difficult. Imagine that the pandemic comes to you with another shock: your mother is standing at the entrance of your home carrying suitcases.

Smother-in-Law Plot:

Living with her family since the pandemic struck, the intruding Isadir gives her all to disturb the existences of her blundering child and adversary little girl in regulation.

Smother-in-Law Detail:

TV Series: Smother-in-Law (2022)
Network: Netflix
Creator: Rodrigo Sant’anna
Main Stars: Thaíssa Carvalho, Alex Teix, Rodrigo Sant’anna
Genre: Comedy
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 13 April 2022 (Netflix)
Filming locations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Also known As: حماتي المزعجة, Smother-in-Law, Smother-in-Law Season 1, Smother-in-Law (2022), A Sogra Que Te Pariu

Smother-in-Law Cast:

Thaíssa Carvalho
Alex Teix
Rodrigo Sant’anna As Dona Isadir
Rafael Zulu As Carlos
Lidi Lisboa As Alice
Daniela Fontan As Marinez
Solange Teixeira As Fátima
Ney Lima As Cezinha
Bárbara Sut As Márcia

Do you think the photo makes you smile? That’s normal since it’s just too much! It’s the first time that Netflix has had a multi-camera Brazilian comedy show, A Sogra Que Te Pariu is full of hilarious scenes from the solitary life of a family whose life alters dramatically when they welcome the birth of their mom. The series’ creator and the principal actor in the series can be found none other than Rodrigo Santana.

In the presence of Dona Isadir, the home that is the home of the couple as played by Rafael Zulu and Lidi Lisboa is ravaged by chaos. The grandchildren Jonas, as well as Marcia (Pedro Ottoni, Barbara Sut), are trapped in the war zone, and Marinez (Daniela Fontan) has been working in the house for many years and is observant of everything. The family is likely to be involved in a variety of controversies, including the appearance of some friends from Cachambi the town in which Sant’Anna’s character grew up.

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