Snap TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Snap TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Snap cast: Frank Oakley III, Cherrie McRae, Ellen Marguerite Cullivan. Snap Release Date: 22 December 2022 (ALLBLK). Snap Episodes: 6. Snap is looking full of Drama, Anthology, Sci-fi. The show from Eric Benet and Devin Hampton is about a god who is completely imperfect who acts as the “moral compass” for the protagonists of every episode and challenges them to look at themselves in a different way.

Snap is an American Drama-Sci-fi TV Series (2022). Frank Oakley III, Cherrie McRae, Ellen Marguerite Cullivan are the main cast of Snap TV Series (2022). The psychological thriller is founded on morality and provides an important life lesson that covers ethical and social subjects. The brand-new ALLBLK anthology show SNAP will premiere on the 22nd of December, exclusively on ALLBLK.

The show tackles deep-seated social issues such as discrimination against generations, systemic racism as well as gender identity, climate change as well as abortions, the series shines a light on broken systems, outdated beliefs, and harmful beliefs that stand against moving forward. Snap is a morale booster for all. If you’re looking for something that will not just entertain you, but also imparts the knowledge you need, this series should be watched.

Snap Plot:

It follows an imperfect god called A.O. who acts in the role of “moral compass” for the characters in every episode. A.O. challenge the beliefs they’ve held for the bulk all.

Snap Detail:

TV Series: Snap (2022)
Network: ALLBLK
Creators: Eric Benét, Devin Hampton
Main Stars: Frank Oakley III, Cherrie McRae, Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
Genre: Drama, Anthology, Sci-fi
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 22 December 2022 (ALLBLK)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also Known As: Snap, Snap Season 1, Snap (2022)

Snap Cast:

Frank Oakley III As John
Cherrie McRae As Eve
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan As Sport Office Employee
Arthur Dean As Scott
Sha’ton La’tique As Officer Robinson
Journey Fay Bass As Carol
Boti Bliss As Lindsay
Emily Hall As Leah
Brandon Stacy
Brittney Q. Hill As Latrese Fenner
Andi Anderson As Jamilla
Matthew O’Donnell As Darryl
Shiquita James As BLM Protestor
Candace West As Malyka
Lane Williamson As Jake
Lee E. Cox As Dj
Ryan King As Jerry
Walter Robert Duckworth As Senator Rick
Roderick Whitney Jr. As Hakim
Mary Marguerite Hall As Mya
Glenn H. Allen As Spencer Robinson
John Purcarea As Mike
Josh Cahn As Jason
Jason Wesley Bobbitt As Protester
Erinn Anova As Aunt Terry
Jillian Melko As Jen
Marcus W. Weathersby As Keiffer
Christi Cawley As Francine
Aaditya Madhwesh As Tim
Zashery As LatinX Business Woman
Lauren Marie Gordon As Civil Rights Protester
Nathan W. Collins As BLM Protester
Scott Andersen As Sports Office Worker

The show is centered around an imperfect god called A.O. who serves as an ethical compass. The series was co-created by Devin Hampton and Eric Benet, Snap is an upcoming sci-fi/anthology movie. In every episode, characters will be confronted with moral dilemmas and ethical questions that challenge their beliefs in the end. The god A.O. will place the characters from the show in a variety of situations where they are forced to or follow their moral compass or take the easiest way out.

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