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Sneakerella (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Sneakerella (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Sneakerella cast: Lexi Underwood, Kolton Stewart, John Salley. Sneakerella Release Date: 13 May 2022 (Disney+). Sneakerella Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. Sneakerella is looking full of Comedy, Family, Musical. The film was produced by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. El, a aspiring shoe designer from Queens is employed as a stockbroker at the shoe shop and conceals his talent for art.

Sneakerella is a Comedy-Musical movie (2022). Lexi Underwood, Kolton Stewart, John Salley are the main cast of Sneakerella (2022). Lexi Underwood and Chosen Jacobs are the main characters in the new Disney+ Original Movie Sneakerella which will also be starring NBA actor John Salley. The name is a combination of the terms sneaker (sports sneakers) along with Cinderella (Cinderella). Sneakerella will be released on Disney on 13 May 2022.

The Disney+ Original Movie stars Chosen Jacobs and Lexi Underwood and is a remake of Cinderella. We will tell you the story behind the film. We all know the tale that Disney told of Cinderella an innocent young woman who lost her shoe during an event because at midnight, she was required to go home, where she lived alongside her step-sisters and stepmother. The shoe was discovered by the awe-inspiring Prince Charming who later made use of their belonging of hers to track her.

Sneakerella Plot:

An advanced bend on Cinderella set in New York City’s Sneaker Culture.

Sneakerella Detail:

Movie: Sneakerella (2022)
Network: Disney+
Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
Writers: David Light, Joseph Raso, George Gore II
Main Stars: Lexi Underwood, Kolton Stewart, John Salley
Genres: Comedy, Family, Musical
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 13 May 2022 (Disney+)
Runtime: 1 hour 52 minutes
Filming locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Also known As: Sneakerella: Cenicienta en zapatillas, Sneakerella, Sneakerella Movie, Sneakerella (2022)

Sneakerella Cast:

Lexi Underwood As Kira King
Kolton Stewart As Zelly
John Salley As Darius King
Chosen Jacobs As El
Tara Nicodemo As Reggie
Lovina Yavari As Sneaker Girl
Devyn Nekoda As Sami
Yvonne Senat Jones As Denise King
Bryan Terrell Clark
Logan Thompson As Dancer
Robyn Alomar As Liv
Daniel Keith Morrison As Dancer
Indy Saluja As Friend
Mif As Cabbie
Andrew Kyrzyk As Dancer
Juan Chioran As Gustavo
Robert J. Tavenor As Mr. Brown
Neil Robles As Dancer
Qasim Khan As Fancy Sneakerhead
Victoria Goodman As Dancer
Keethan Krish As Robert
Hayward Leach
Levi Dombokah As Young El
Teya Wild As Dancer
Peter D’Souza As Dancer
Karina Grzella As Dancer
Stu Arthur As Gala Security
Iliana Spirakis As Manhattan Passerby
Leighton Alexander Williams As Gala Security Guard
Mekdes Teshome As Rosie
Clarence ‘CJ’ Jura As Bully
Myrosia Palmer As Dancer
Amanda-May Wilson As Dancer
Isaiah A. Blackwood As Floating Boy
Selena Lucchese As Dancer
Julie Anne Tamilia As Dancer
Christos Tsiantoulas As Dancer
William J. Edwards As King 6 Worker
Lily MacMenemey As Dancer
Jamie Gosse As Friend
Ryan Wilson As Dancer
Fizz Oladiran As Dancer
Shakeil Rollock As Dancer
Melissa Mitro As Dancer
Michael Madonis As Aleko
Holly Horner As Dancer
Malcolm Messado Fletcher As Dancer
Dustin Wolf As Dancer
Ryan Maisey As Background
Navi Dhanoa As Roger
Raggy Sharma As Sneakerhead
Chris Tarpos As Astoria Resident

But the fate of the man is altered when he happens to cross the paths of Kira King ( Lexi Underwood ) is one of the daughters Darius who is one of the most successful basketball players in the history of basketball and one of the greatest players in the game. sneaker world. Kira is famous by the name of the Blue Princess from Manhattan and will start this love story that is worthy to be a part of Cinderella ( Cinderella is her name in English and hence the last character of the title of the film).

On the 13th of May, Disney+ is releasing its new film titled pop/hip-hop music sneakers. The original film stars extremely talented new actors, Jacobs the Chosen as Hand and Lexi Underwood as Kira King. This New York set sneakers movie is a modern interpretation of Cinderella. Disney iconic, Cinderella. The screenplay was written by Tamara Chestna, George Gore II and Mindy Stern.

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