South Korean movie Burning (2018) Cast, Rating, release date, story, budget, box office, Scenes

Romantic and heart touching South Korean movie Burning (2018) Cast, Rating, release date, story, budget, box office, Scenes. If you like South Korean movies then Burning (2018) Cast give you a chance to see this movie. Burning (2018) story is very interesting and Scenes and dialogue are awesome. South Korean film industry always produce such a story movie.

This South Korean movie is a romantic and merging situations like a surreal billow in which it lives offers you a chance to bathe in the mystery it’s suggesting-which is why I can’t make my mind up on the conspicuous ending. Does it resolve or hurt everything the film’s depicted up to that point? It has everything- good acting, cinematography, music etc but the storyline is shallow. Can anyone reply with 1 clarification: In the final scene, when did Ben agree to meet Jong-soo and ask him where is Hae-mi, if he was the killer/sociopath and had already killed her.

A masterpiece! Lee Chang-dong is a master writer… One of the best films of the year for sure.
Burning (2018) This movie has with a lot of delicate metaphors. Soul and body tired of great hunger.

  • The sequences in the film are:
    Jung Soo lurked down a slope to find a small but terrible truth. It enters a social and philosophical debate with “Bin” to find a slippery, small but terrible truth. “Bin” is chasing, caring for fun, family and everything, so that he may be tired of him to understand the truth. Jung Soo eventually finds out the truth in the strange name of a cat and makes it a more horrific fact.

Burning (2018) Story:

Writer Oh Jung-Mi and Chang-dong Lee are doing very well work. They tell the story about Lee Jong-Su life. Once, He got a job and performs jobs in Paju. this is a part-time job. One day. He runs into Shin Hae-mi, He tells us three mysterious incidents they experience. Haemi asks Jongsu to give me one fiver. Please take care of his cat while she back on a trip to Africa. a mysterious guy met her in Africa. she liked Jong-Su when she was younger. But he always ignored her. One day, Ben and Haemi pay Jongsu a visit. they have sex in her apartment. One day, Ben confesses his own secret hobby.

Director: Chang-dong Lee
Writers: Jungmi Oh, Chang-dong Lee
Main Stars: Ah-in Yoo, Steven Yeun, Jong-Seo Jun
Genres: Drama | Mystery | Romantic
Release date: May 16, 2018
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean | English
Box office: $6.6 million
IMDb review: 7.7/10 (Rating)
Google Rating: 84% liked this film
Metacritic: 90%
Also Known As: Burning | Beoning | Hangul | 버닝

South Korean movie Burning (2018) Scenes:

Burning (2018) Scenes
Burning (2018) Scenes
Burning (2018) Scenes
Burning (2018) Scenes

South Korean movie Burning (2018) Cast:

Ah-in Yoo As Lee Jong-su
Steven Yeun As Ben (as Yeun Sang-yeop)
Jong-seo Jun As Shin Hae-mi
Soo-Kyung Kim As Yeon-ju
Seung-ho Choi As Lee Yong-seok
Seong-kun Mun As Lawyer
Bok-gi Min As Judge
Soo-Jeong Lee As Prosecutor
Hye-ra Ban As Jong-su’s Mom

Here is the detail of this stunning South Korean movie Burning (2018) Cast, Rating, release date, story, budget, box office, Scenes. if fitfully frustrating, the portrait of love, obsession and jealousy is rarely less than fascinating. It’s also a fine showcase for Steven Yeun. These kinds of movie whose takeaways you could spend hours debating and still feel miles away from being sure of anything at all. It’s also a fine showcase for Steven Yeun (“The Walking Dead”). but a sparkling young trio, as mesmerizing as any that Hollywood might assemble. Lee serves up a psychological thriller that’s deliciously dark and packs a wallop in the final reel.