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Speak No Evil (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Speak No Evil (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Speak No Evil cast: Morten Burian, Sidsel Siem Koch, Fedja van Huêt. Speak No Evil Release Date: 15 September 2022 (Shudder). Speak No Evil Director: Christian Tafdrup. Speak No Evil is looking full of Horror, Thriller. There are horror films, but then you have “Speak No Evil,” the latest Shudder Original that promises to be a constant threat to your life in the future.

Speak No Evil is a Horror-Thriller movie (2022). Morten Burian, Sidsel Siem Koch, Fedja van Huêt are the main cast of Speak No Evil (2022). The soul-sucking satirical film is now available in a trailer and the sneak preview hammers into the viewer how uncomfortable and frightening this film is. After watching the Danish story. Speak No Evil release on Shudder on 15 September 2022.

Filmmaker Christian Tafdrup (A Horrible Woman) proves himself a master of weaponizing cringe for maximum unease in this playful, unpredictable horror-comedy-cum-class satire. Later, Bjorn and Louise receive an invitation to stay with new friends at their Dutch country home however, what starts with a jovial and joyful atmosphere eventually turns to overwhelming uncomfortableness.

Speak No Evil Plot:

A Danish family visit the Dutch family that they have met on holiday. The plan was to have an idyllic holiday slowly begins unravelling as the Danes attempt to be at peace in the face of unwelcome visitors.

Speak No Evil Detail:

Movie: Speak No Evil
Network: Shudder
Director: Christian Tafdrup
Writers: Christian Tafdrup, Mads Tafdrup
Main Stars: Morten Burian, Sidsel Siem Koch, Fedja van Huêt
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Countries: Denmark, Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch, Danish
Release Date: 15 September 2022 (Shudder)
Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
Filming locations: Fyn, Denmark
Also known As: 스픽 노 이블, Speak No Evil, Speak No Evil Netflix, Speak No Evil (2022)

Speak No Evil Cast:

Morten Burian As Bjørn
Sidsel Siem Koch As Louise
Fedja van Huêt As Patrick
Karina Smulders As Karin
Liva Forsberg As Agnes
Marius Damslev As Abel
Hichem Yacoubi As Muhajid
Jesper Dupont As Jonas
Lea Baastrup Rønne As Fie
Adrian Blanchard As Derek
Sarina Maria Rausa As Hannah
Ilaria Di Raimo As Babysitter
Alessio Barni As Opera singer
Ilaria Casai As Opera singer
Martina Barreca As Opera singer
Andrea Benucci As Lut player
Sieger Sloot As Waitress

Tafdrup is also an accomplished actor who has starred in Susan Bier’s Oscar Award-nominated film After the Wedding and the BAFTA-winning TV series Borgen among other. In addition to the three films he’s starred in Tafdrup has also directed three short films which include Awakening, which was the Robert prize (the Dutch equivalent to an Academy Award) winner Awakening.

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