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Spider-Man Back In The MCU? Sony and Marvel New Contract Leaked


Spider-Man Back In The MCU? Sony and Marvel New Contract Leak. Another update on spider-man not being in the MCU so it appears that we have all been Juke it appears that potentially whoever leaked information about the new discussions going on between Marvel and Sony and Disney.

It appears that it was all a lie and that actually is a deal and spider-man never left the MCU so according to a new report it suggests that spider-man is not only staying in the MCU. There is gonna be a lot more spider-man in the MCU so what is good Social Media wars’ to hear.

It is really funny and apparent that this all happens literally just before Disney 23 expo started. So let’s go over a lot of alleged reports. The report is there is a new spider-man deal possibly going to be announced at Disney 23 this coming weekend.

According to the new deal, Disney wants a 6 picture deal with Tom Holland has an option for a seventh movie. There are three more spider-man movies after spider-man 3 which will better new trilogy the second trilogy will focus on Peter Parker’s college years including plans for Peter to meet up and team up with Firestar and Iceman of the X-men.

Based on the original and old spider-man and his amazing friend’s cartoon there the other. Three movies are two Avengers films in which spider-man will have a larger role and become friends with Johnny Storm who is the Tumen short in the Fantastic Four.

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We did it Mr Stark!

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If you don’t know what that Spider-Man Back In The MCU, Sony and Marvel New Contract Leaked, is so this information is pretty astonishing and it’s not finished yet. We’re going to go over after I’ve outlaid all of it Marvel Studios Wilhelm and co-financed all spider-man related movies for 30% of the full profits.

There’s this Disney previously wanted 50 spent but Sony said no which led everyone and the whole internet to go on an absolute Sony frenzy when realistically it’s due to Disney Sony would distribute but Disney will acquire exclusivity digital and online writes for Disney Plus an affiliation TV network Marvel Studios were Owlman co-financed Spidey verse.

A live-action spin-off under the same terms now is getting bit skeptical but this all could be true realistic because they are both functional businesses and both want to make money venom will relocate in TMT you know.

If there that’s gonna happen it will have to be a different variation and not Tom Hardy Sony will give permission for TV life action programs based on the Spidey verse properties Sony only has the film rights to spider-man but needs permission from Disney for TV rights Disney wants to deal to be done before Saturday’s Marvel panel at Disney 23 spider-man is also said to be a big part of the 23 Expo panel.

I do believe a lot of this because I’ve thought from day one that this was publicity stunts this information is coming via laws of a long box a YouTube channel and it was posted on cosmic news. com Kozik new comic cosmic book news now.

I can’t say this is 100 and true but it would make a lot of sense I mean you know they are releasing its spider-man far from home at the cinema again Marvel Studios. Sony re-release in that movie just before D 23 a lot of d23 figurines and a lot of the kind of artwork and stuff around this.

In 23 is spider-man centric now it just appears that this could be one big publicity stunt and all along a spider-man was going to be announced at d23 now. Spider-Man Back In The MCU, Sony and Marvel New Contract Leaked What is interesting is six new movies we know that spider-man is literally a money machine and Tom Harlanloves being part of the MCU there’s a famous video clip going around at the moment.

Where he says he doesn’t want to lose his MCU ticket we do know that Tom Harlan unfollowed Sony but as I said in yesterday’s post it doesn’t necessarily mean anything now it does go on to say other stuff it said Tom Holland wants to stay within the MCU.

It’s been reported that both Tom Holland and Zeya unfollow Sony and Instagram we wouldn’t cover that if Sony was purchased by another company like Apple the spider-man film rights would go back to Disney which Disney would love.

Yes, of course, we know that that’s all always the case when you own the rights of something if it’s sold off to someone else you essentially lose that deal now the next one is more of a kind of observation. I don’t really think this would happen Disney wants to take out Netflix and dominate the streaming world making their shareholders.

Happy which includes Marvel Studios now work on the Marvel TV former Marvel TV Netflix characters are rumored to be coming to VFX now I don’t really believe that’s true. Netflix is a billion-dollar company. It will be so hard to take down Netflix so easily when you look at the content they’re going to put in on the streaming service.

There is not enough original content yes there is the Winter Soldier TV show on there there is the Loki show there is the scarlet and Wizard vision show come in but seriously guys. Its going to take at least two to three years for them to build a decent Catalog them just upload in all the Marvel movies.

All the kind of Disney animation or the Pixar and that’s that it’s not enough content so yes potentially. They could wipe out Netflix but Netflix has content that Disney is too scared to put on their service because they are too pg-13.

They are too scared to put raw aggressive horror stuff related on there so I do not believe that what happens. So it is interesting how the 50/50 deal is now changed into 30-70 because everyone was blaming Sony then people put the blame on this need and all of a sudden.

It’s 30 realistic guys all I think is that there’s a lot of misleading untruthful stories out there do I believe this story yes because I heard the Zack same thing about this deal months ago. Now I don’t know if it is true I’m just reporting alleged news. This weekend could be a massive reveal for Sony and Marvel because either way if they stay in the MCU then it’s a great business for both of them.

I don’t really think this confirms or verifies anything but it is pretty interesting that the first official Instagram response in the sense of a Marvel Cinematic Universe is Tom Holland posted on his Instagram account.

If he runs his own Instagram account did it Mr. stark now you’ve got to take that out into context it’s a picture of him and Robert Downey jr. looking gormless kind of and some funny pictures and then they both have each other’s toys in their hands. Spider-Man Back In The MCU, Sony and Marvel New Contract Leaked Now yes you could say that this literally means nothing but you know Tom Hollands being quiet he hasn’t said anything for days.

The first report broke three days ago and now he’s saying. This we did it so some industry experts are saying that this means yes. There’s New Deal and this is Tom Hollands way of unofficially leaking it you know like he does without actually officially saying we did it so he’s saying we did it Mr. stark implying there’s a new deal.

He’s gonna be the boy he’s gonna be the face of Marvel for the next 10 years realistically yes. I really hope this is true but can I say it’s 100% true no I can just report the story that’s out there we don’t make the story. We just report the stories just like any other kind of New Website Instagram page etc does so it is very interesting.

There are a few things on the list that I am a bit skeptical off I don’t really think Sony would back down so easily venom in the MCU would be cool if Tom Hardy and Tom Holland could go one on one with the great ones inside the MCU.

That would be cool but overall this is a great thing for everyone if the alleged information is true but I will eave everything down below guys it is a bit far-fetched at the moment to say that spider-man is going to interact with the x-men. When we’re not getting the x-men or Fantastic Four carriers for at least five years so obviously. I hope this happens because I want to see what the original plans were the sinister six all these crazy things that would happen and should be great spider-man is for the fans.

I don’t really care where spider-man is as long as he can interact with Captain Marvel and Deadpool because that would be a massive massive shame guy. If he was pulled so soon before the Fox characters even get to interact with spider-man. Spider-Man Back In The MCU, Sony and Marvel New Contract Leaked I will be giving away a ps4 pro with spider-man ps4 if this information is true Oh an Xbox a 1x with Marvel Avengers because let’s be honest guys it’s probably gonna take me to the release of Marvel Avengers games to get anywhere near hitting comment.

This Tom Holland post question mark question mark you’ve got people like boss logic a lot of verified accounts are happy about what was said so it is very very interesting and a lot of other MarvelCinematic Universe people have responded so I don’t know if it’s true but I’m gonna say that it pretty much is confirmed because you got to think his team wouldn’t let him post anything on Instagram Marvel it’s an amount universe space and because it says Mr. stark and not we did it Robert Downey jr. it is a massive reference to saying yeah your legacy is gonna continues like oi skies I love the support I love the negativity if it is constructive so like always guys.

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