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Starstruck Season 2

Starstruck Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Starstruck Season 2 cast: Rose Matafeo, Nikesh Patel, Emma Sidi. Starstruck Season 2 Release Date: 24 March 2022 (HBO Max). Starstruck Season 2 Episodes: 6. Starstruck Season 2 is looking full of Comedy. There’s plenty of material available to compete to be our interest, but this is something that’s worth your time. The show was hilariously funny with a female character who isn’t perfect but still charming.

Starstruck is a UK Comedy TV Series. Rose Matafeo, Nikesh Patel, Emma Sidi are the main cast of Starstruck Season 2. Starstruck Season 2 will be available on HBO Max 24 March 2022. It has been announced by the streaming company the romantic comedy series that stars Rose Matafeo is set to premiere in the coming week. Matafeo is set to play an 18-year-old East London woman who has two dead ends and ends in a relationship with a film star.

Starstruck is a tiny jewel of a series about relationships and self-discovery among other people. Rose is an absolute talent as is her role. Jessie is a jumble of joy and some sprinkling of madness. The show keeps you captivated by the characters and you stick in the story. The acting and writing are excellent. The characters and the plot feel real and never frustrate me by dragging out awkward issues. The leads on both shows are fascinating and hilarious, and each episode features a major development.

Starstruck Season 2 Plot:

A millennial in London shuffling two impasse occupations and exploring the off-kilter morning-after-the prior night when she finds the difficulties of unintentionally laying down with a film star.

Starstruck Season 2 Detail:

TV Series: Starstruck Season 2
Network: HBO Max
Creator: Rose Matafeo
Main Stars: Rose Matafeo,, Nikesh Patel, Emma Sidi
Genre: Comedy
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 24 March 2022 (HBO Max)
Season: 2
Episodes: 6
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%
Google Rating: 81% liked this TV show
Filming locations: London, England, UK
Also known As: Звездануться, Starstruck, Starstruck Season 2, Starstruck (2022)

Starstruck Season 2 Cast:

Rose Matafeo As Jessie
Nikesh Patel As Tom
Emma Sidi As Kate
Al Roberts As Ian
Joe Barnes As Joe
Ambreen Razia As Shivani
Nic Sampson As Steve
Lola-Rose Maxwell As Sarah
Minnie Driver As Cath
Edward Easton As Ben
Russell Tovey As Dave
Parth Thakerar As Vinay
Alice Snedden As Amelia
Janie Booth As Betty
Elva Trill As Michelle
Tom Edden As Caricature Artist
Tolu Ogunmefun As Fan
Jiggy Bhore As Margaret
Mina Anwar As Neeta
Jordan Stephens As Felix
Su Elliot As Mourner
Vincent Ebrahim As Sunay
Lisa Davina Phillip As Samantha
Jessie Vuletich As Jessie’s Nan
Nick Macduff As Graham
Olisa Odele As Damien
Rosie Lou As Danielle
Alfredo Tavares As Dog Walker

The initial season of Star Strike was about Jessie the teenager who lives in a luxurious apartment situated in East London. In the midst of two jobs to earn an income, Jessie wins a gold medal when she accidentally (?) is involved in a one-night affair with a famous celebrity. The fans of Rom-com will be delighted by the eerie epic that is filled with unexpected encounters with easily curly hair and the hilarious performance of Matafeo as the lead. This show is on top of the list of our top television shows to watch this year, which makes it an absolute must-see.

Starstruck is a story about a young woman who lives within East London and working two job opportunities that don’t pay the bills. The world turns into a complete reversal when she unexpectedly meets a famous film actor, and an amusing incident quickly transforms into something else, when the newlyweds realize that they’re not able to stay away from the other. Highly recommended and will be watching it again in the next couple of months.

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