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Terrifier 2 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Terrifier 2 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Terrifier 2 cast: Griffin Santopietro, Jenna Kanell, David Howard Thornton. Terrifier 2 Release Date: 6 October 2022 (USA). Terrifier 2 Director: Damien Leone. Terrifier 2 is looking full of Horror. Gore, horror and raw slasher, as well as crazy and sadism rejoice in the return of the most popular fiction-based killer of the last few years.

Terrifier 2 is an American Horror movie (2022). Griffin Santopietro, Jenna Kanell, David Howard Thornton are the main cast of Terrifier 2 (2022). Art The Clown returns in Miles County, targeting a teenager along with her older sister. The characters must escape and discover the real nature of their pursuing. Terrifier 2 is scheduled to release on October 6, 2022.

The trailer starts by showing footage of two new characters, including a teenager Sienna along with her older twin brother Jonathan Shaw. While Jonathan is fascinated by the crimes committed by Art the Clown prior to the film, Sienna seems unperturbed as she believes that the clown won’t return now, after he committed suicide in the previous film. However, to his delight, it turns out that he is a serial killer. Art appears innocent at first as he continues with his usual clown’ activities, and playing with people.

Terrifier 2 Plot:

After being revived by a shady entity, The Clown is back in the small village that is Miles County where he targets the teenage girl as well as the younger sibling on Halloween.

Terrifier 2 Detail:

Movie: Terrifier 2 (2022)
Director: Damien Leone
Writer: Damien Leone
Main Stars: Griffin Santopietro, Jenna Kanell, David Howard Thornton
Genre: Horror
Country: United States
Language: United States
Release Date: 6 October 2022 (USA)
Runtime: 2 hours 18 minutes
Also known As: Ужасающий 2, Terrifier 2, Terrifier 2 Movie, Terrifier 2 (2022)

Terrifier 2 Cast:

Griffin Santopietro As Eric
Jenna Kanell As Tara Heyes
David Howard Thornton As Art the Clown
Felissa Rose As Ms. Principe
Catherine Corcoran As Dawn
Lauren LaVera As Sienna
Samantha Scaffidi As Victoria Heyes
Georgia MacPhail As Demon Girl
Chris Jericho As Burke
Tamara Glynn As Shopping Mother
Kailey Hyman As Brooke
Sarah Grace Sanders As Trick or Treat Little Girl’s Mom
Elliott Fullam As Jonathan
Jackie Adragna As Nightclub Bartender
Charlie McElveen As Jeff
Wesley Holloway As TV Commercial Kid
Amelie McLain As The Little Pale Girl
Mark Langston As Mr. Whalen
Amy Russ As Allie’s Mom
Casey Hartnett As Allie
Owen Myre As Sean
Cory DuVal As Coroner
Rachel Keefe As Obnoxious Female Teenager 1
Michael Leavy As Club Announcer
Phil Falcone As TV Executive
Ryan James As Bow Tie Guy
Gilbrando Acevedo As Truant Officer / Nightclub Punk Rocker
Johnath Davis As Costume Shop Owner
Jason Leavy As Police Officer
Loren W. Lepre As The DJ
Marcus Slabine As Nightclub Bartender
Matthew Hammond As Nightclub Hotdog
Sarah Voigt As Barbara
Steven Della Salla As Police Officer
Reid Richards As Shopping Mother’s Son
Devon Roth As Stephanie
Michelle Santiago As Waitress
Thomas Rickman As The Pilot
Jamie Root As Obnoxious Female Teenager 2
Nedim Jahic As Travis Bryant
Craig Sapenoff As Nightclub Second Party Demon
Jonathan A. Streetzel As Nightclub Black-Cloaked Demon
Rick Styczynski As Selfie Guy
Ryan Denning As Nightclub Party Goer 2
Steven Kiseleski As Nightclub Zombie
Marisa Bertani As News Anchor
Sheri Fairchild As Bar Patron
Ross Caudill Jr. As Nightclub Devil
Thomas Smith As Middle Aged Man
Briana Calcagno As Trick or Treat Mom
Joshua Kirpach As Nightclub Vampire
Craig Loydgren As Nightclub Party Goer
Robert Privitera As Obnoxious Male Teenager
Mick Gaughan As Night Club Bouncer
Sarah Brill As Convenient Store Shopper 2
Elizabeth Piper S. As Vampire / Janice Halloween Dancer
Johnny Ferri As Nightclub Gladiator
Miche Brill As Convenient Store Shopper 1
Curtis J. Watson As Dean Russell
Ava O’Donnell As Trick or Treat Little Girl

Jonathan is scared and fascinated by the murder of Art the Clown’s rampage a year prior. While Sienna isn’t sure if Art will appear to suddenly come back following his suicide attempt in the previous film, she alters her mind after a couple of hilarious encounters with the killer himself. The worst fears of Art will be confirmed when he joins Halloween parties with his pals and finds himself running away from the savage clown who threatens his life.

Art The killer clown performed by David H. Thornton appears smiling in one of the photos (above). In the other, we see Sienna who is the final candidate, played by Lauren LaVera. She is seen in her normal attire, as well as her beautiful warrior costume to celebrate Halloween night. Terrifier 2, the long-awaited sequel to 2018’s bloodiest slasher saw new footage made public this week. The images were posted on the main Facebook account.

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