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The Boys Season 2 Trailer Breakdown, Plot, Predictions


Big surprise they dropped a brand new official Boys season 2 trailer video so we’ll break it down there’s a whole bunch of new footage a bunch of Easter eggs and there are a couple of really big new characters that they’re bringing from the comics to season 2. We also kind of know when it’s going to premiere so I’ll explain that at the end of the video too.

we start with an opening shot of home lander doing his Superman thing floating down this is a very Superman shot. He was originally created to be a dark parody of Superman just like the 7 is meant to be a dark parody of the Justice League or the Avengers but he slowly floats down his face covered, with a very strange look on his face.

It’s almost like he’s going aw-shucks like he’s not sad about something more surprised in a caring way but he cares deeply about the thing that he’s looking on the interesting thing that they do with the homeland in this trailer. Trailer is that most of the footage is just him in and around his son.

The Boys Season 2 Trailer

I think obviously makes sense because they left off on a cliffhanger at the end of season 1 with him meeting his son for the first time your mommy didn’t tell you. I’m also your father everybody makes all the Darth Vader Luke Skywalker jokes that you want I do think they’re going to be a lot of jokes about that during the season.

You even see the severed hand that Hughie is holding later in the trailer so make even more Star Wars Empire Strikes Back jokes you see the two of them standing on top of the roof of his mother’s house as if he’s getting ready to teach him how to fly maybe something just goes really bad with that because his son is only half super.

They play it really fast and loose about what he’s capable of passing on in terms of abilities to his offspring it might wind up being a Superman Conner Kent situation where his little Superboy son only gets some of the powers that he has not everything we already know that he has heat vision just like he does because his eyes light up red when he’s staring into homeland’s eyes but like a really good example is the Conner Kent can’t fly as Superman flies.

He does have a version of tactile Kinesis that lifts him off the ground but it’s not flying in the traditional sense there’s a bunch of new footage of the female acclimating way more to life out of captivity talking to Frenchy here with a shiny new bejeweled set of brass knuckles that say bossy there’s also a scene of them run out of a hospital with a security guard this had his head ripped completely open with them wearing these same outfits so it’s probably connected to this scene speaking of people getting ripped apart or blown up there’s a bunch of footage with people exploding for crazy reasons like.

There’s this restaurant scene with a person from Vaught from last season that got fired because of all the Starlight stuff she’s screaming because somebody just explodes inside this bard splatters against the window you see all these other normal people flailing around inthe mess that’s left after there’s another scene in a separate place with somebody getting splattered against a window and then a whole bunch of black noir just opening up ripping through tons of people.

I know so many people were excited to see him go crazy during season one and they completely downplayed his character there was the brief scene with him fighting the female just to show you how badass she was but without getting into super spoilers or anything like that he does have a lot of secret super abilities that he just hasn’t shown you yet they just been completely selling him as one character when really he’s a completely different person the thing about black noir in the comics though is that they’ve changed a couple of things about the way he portrayed on the TV show the actor in real life who plays that character on the TV show.

The Boys Season 2 Plot

Is an African-American but in the comics it’s a very different character that’s black noir underneath that mask so unless there’s some big twist I’m not expecting it to be completely like the black noir comic book arc for everyone that’s read the comic book please don’t post spoilers about black noir in the comments Frenchy looking like he’s rigging a bomb to what seems like milk bottles like baby’s milk bottles Mother’s Milk is also one of the boys but in the comics drinking his mother’s milk gives him a measure of super strength.

They didn’t really include that in season one so I don’t know if it’s going to be a theme during season two but later I love this is so funny and creepy at the same time you see homeland drinking some milk from that bottle in the creepiest way possible I’ll give you one guess what kind of milk that is given his mommy and daddy issues talk about creepy rejected got milk ads there’s butcher lining up a sniper shot Huey Frenchie and mother’s milk.

It seemed like a campsite so maybe this is them just doing some boys group training out in the field the way they cut this scene of homelands at a press conference and then the female right after him implies that they’re hyping support of homeland versus the female fight which seems like a natural progression given how powerful she is she’s not a strong as homeland but of all the boys she’s currently got the best shot at hurting him homeland is capable of being injured it’s just it has to be someone stronger than homeland or someone using a weapon that’s stronger than homelands.

There are only three-four people in the comics that are capable of doing that and we’ve only met about half of those people already Stormfront is one of the big new characters that are almost as powerful as homelands not quite as strong but still one of these strongest superheroes on the planet.

I’ll explain that character in a second because she does not appear during this trailer and they made a couple of changes to the comic book version of the character the deep is back he still looks like he’s living in disgrace out in Ohio remember Vaught kicked him out of the seven and banished him for all that bad press.

The Boys Season 2 Predictions

They didna care about the dead dolphin during that botched save and they didn’t care about the harassment charges from starlight they cared about the bad PR so they’re like okay you’re done you’re going to go and live in Ohio off in obscurity for a little while so everybody will kind of forget about what you just did there’s this weird shot of black noir in the suburbs looking like he’s staking someone out on top of someone’s roof this might be him stalking homeland in his son keeping tabs on them for Vaught Queen Maeve is at this urban disaster starlight looks like she’s starting to enjoy all the fame and attention her slutty looking new costume doesn’t bother her that much anymore the way they shoot her with Queen Maeve’s picture right next to her.

Then she kind of turns her head with all the cameras makes it seem like they’re implying some kind of conflict between the two of them over star lights rising popularity but I think that’s a big misdirect because in the comics QueenMaeve also wants to help out the boys because she thinks that homelands in the stuff that the seven and Vawter doing is just as terrible as everyone else.

They bring back Giancarlo Esposito ‘he’s character from season one he probably one of the new Vaught characters that’s taking the place of what Stilwell used to do during season one because remember he was still Elwell’s boss at Vaught he was more concerned with their plans to get supers in the military and eventually the government so which is the natural escalation the boss behind the boss is now making himself more known if you’re a big fan of the Mandalorian TV series everybody loves baby Yoda of course but Giancarlo Esposito is playing a former imperial moff who probably won’t debut till towards the end of that series.

If you are a big fan of she’ll be doing really cool stuff on the Mandalorian really soon to love the shot of homeland coming to hang out with his son randomly in butcher’s wife former wife answering the door like oh crap now I have to deal with this again the boys go boating for some reason it seems like they’rechasing someone this would be one of the very few times that the deep is actually useful anytime the adventure takes place on water really excited about this scene of butcher versus black noir remember he’s not only badass at martial arts it also seems kind of like he has a measure of super-strength too then home lander just choking the crap out of starlight in this elevator.

They’re just parade of middle fingers from the female Queen Maeve and homelands walking out of a building implying that season two will just be more of everyone hating on homeland so as far as I could tell if there’s no new footage of storm front in this trailer.

I didn’t see anyone that looked like tech Knight but hecould also be a bigger part of season 2 just because he’s such a big part of thenext part of the story that they’re doing from the comics storm front issupposed to be the original superhero on planet earth created during World War two by Nazi scientists when they came up with the formula for compound V in the comics the character is meant to be more of a parody of the Shazam character from DC in Thor from Marvel the tech Knight character is meant to be sort of amash-up of Iron Man and Batman in the comics he has a giant Batcave he makeshis own technology.

He doesn’t have any natural superpowers he uses this technology to give him his abilities obviously the trailer says it’s going to premiere next year but based on what Karl Urban said when they wrapped production a little while ago it’s going to premiere around the same time at the end of July right around Comic-Con just like season 1 did there’s a whole bunch of other trailers coming this week.

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