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The Chosen is a Historical Drama TV Series (2017-Present). The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 cast: Shahar Isaac, Jonathan Roumie, Austin Reed Alleman. The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date: June 16, 2024 (The Chosen app). The Chosen Season 4 Total Episodes: 8.

Release Date:

The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 will air on Sunday, June 16, at 9:30 pm ET/PT on The Chosen app.

The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Plot:

Roman soldiers make disciples wear armor However, Jesus takes it another step. In dissatisfaction with the direction taken by Jesus his mission, Judas visits an old friend to get guidance.

What is The Chosen About:

The show relates the amazing life and the miracles that were performed by Jesus Christ while offering insight into his message of love, tolerance, and compassion.

Based primarily on the political and socio-political historical context of the time as well as biblical stories to tell the uplifting story of Jesus Christ, the Son God. God, Jenkins also uses his imagination to fill the gaps and gray spaces. With prominent performances from Shahar Isaac.

The Chosen series breaks schemes due to a variety of reasons. One reason is because of its production, which involves individuals from different Christian faiths are involved. It is available on The Chosen is available online through the VidAngel website, YouTube, and streaming apps.

The show is the largest crowdfunding venture in history and is viewed in over 180 countries. Tell me how you came out about this project.

The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Detail:

Episode Name: Calm Before
Network: VidAngel
Creator: Dallas Jenkins
Director: Dallas Jenkins
Writers: Dallas Jenkins, Ryan Swanson
Main Stars: Shahar Isaac, Jonathan Roumie, Austin Reed Alleman
Genres: Drama, History
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: June 16, 2024 (The Chosen app)
Season: 4
Total Episodes: 8
Episode Number: 4
Filming locations: LDS Motion Picture Studio, Goshen, Utah, USA
Also known As: The Chosen Season 4 Ep 4, The Chosen (2024)

The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Trailer:

The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Cast:

Shahar Isaac As Simon Peter
Austin Reed Alleman As Nathanael
Hannah Barefoot As Livia
Damon Carney As Julius
Reza Diako As Philip
Amanda Felix As Pregnant Woman and Citizen
Malachi Grayson As Ivo
Carson Minniear As Marius
Hassan Nazari-Robati As Kafni
Jordan Walker Ross As Little James
Jonathan Roumie As Jesus
Philip Shahbaz As Rabbi Akiva
Nick Shakoour As Zebedee
Elizabeth Tabish As Mary Magdalene
Joey Vahedi As Thomas
Reynolds Washam As Tribunus Militum
Amber Shana Williams As Tamar

Episodes List:

1. Promises – (Sun Jun 02, 2024)
2. Confessions – (Thu Jun 06, 2024)
3. Moon to Blood – (Sun Jun 09, 2024)
4. Calm Before – (Thu Jun 13, 2024)
5. TBA – (Thu Feb 15, 2024)
6. TBA – (Thu Feb 15, 2024)
7. TBA – (Thu Feb 29, 2024)
8. TBA – (Thu Feb 29, 2024)

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