The Clearing TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Clearing TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Clearing cast: Teresa Palmer, Guy Pearce, Erroll Shand. The Clearing Release Date: 24 May 2023 (Hulu). The Clearing Episodes: 8. The Clearing is looking full of Drama, Mystery, Thriller. The story is based on JP Pomare’s novel In the Clearing, inspired by the Australian cult The Family and its founder Anne Hamilton-Byrne. She is one of the only female leaders in cults throughout history.

The Clearing is an Australian Mystery-Thriller TV Series (2023). Teresa Palmer, Guy Pearce, Erroll Shand are the main cast of The Clearing TV Series (2023). Freya (Teresa Palmer) worked hard to be a normal person. In reality, if you watched her spend the day with her toddler son, you’d believe she’s simply a normal mom. The Clearing release on Hulu is 24 May 2023.

It’s an emotional, psychological and psychological thriller that explores the horrors of a cult as well as an individual who is compelled to confront the demons of her past in order to stop the child abduction and abuse that will befall innocent kids of the future. A film or a series helmed by Teresa Palmer is something a horror lover should not avoid. The highly talented actress has been featured in dark tales that covered a broad range of subjects over her entire career.

The Clearing Plot:

The Clearing is adapted from JP Pomare’s novel ‘In The Clearing It is influenced from the Australian popular cult The Family along with its leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne. one of the very few female cult leaders from the past.

The Clearing Detail:

TV Series: The Clearing (2023)
Network: Hulu
Creators: Matt Cameron, Elise McCredie
Main Stars: Teresa Palmer, Guy Pearce, Erroll Shand
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 24 May 2023 (Hulu)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: Lake Eildon, Victoria, Australia
Also known As: Sekta, The Clearing, The Clearing (2023)

The Clearing Cast:

Erroll Shand As Henrik Wilczek
Miranda Otto As Adrienne
Julia Savage As Amy
Hazem Shammas As Yusuf Joe Saad
Kate Mulvany As Tamsin Latham
Xavier Samuel As Colin Garrison
Claudia Karvan As Mariam Herzog
Mark Coles Smith As Wayne Dhurrkay
Gary Sweet As Wilkes
Doris Younane As Christine
Miah Madden As Max Dhurrkay
Harry Greenwood As Anton Beaufort
Jeremy Blewitt As Anton
Alicia Gardiner As Judith
Matt Okine As Devon
Ras-Samuel Welda’abzgi As Mo
Chase Smith-Wood As Andrew
Flynn Wandin As Billy Heywood
Paityn Batchelor As Alisha
Sebastian Sero As Aaron
Bruce Hughes As Cohen
Audrey O’Sullivan As Annabelle
Theo Settle As Adam
Kathryn Adams As Ebonie
Sebastian Holahan As Alistair
Kristof Kaczmarek As Ari Herzog
Savannah Farrugia As Abigail
Spencer Ellis Anderson As Tyler
Terry Carter As Tavi
Lily LaTorre As Asha
Jillian Nguyen As Sylvie Lee
Berlin Lu As Kim Wu
Bodhi Palmer As Harry
Cassie Robb As Angela
Julia Ohannessian As Dina Saad
Maria Angelico As Jenny Serafina
Jess Kennedy As Astrid
Sebastian Carr As Constable Troy
Helene Dunlop As Colette
Mimi Kwa As Newsreader
Olivia Edens As Carrie Anderson
Kali Hulme As Lisa Anderson
Ewen Leslie As Tom Atkins
John Stanton As Chancellor Hearn
Jamie Timony As Adult Adam
Elise McCredie As Field News Reporter
Don Bridges As Derek
Cecilia Low As Lisa Pang
Anni Finsterer As Evelyn Smith
Nicole Nabout As Detective Derosa
Dan Haberfield As The Heckler
Nick Mitchell As Senior Sergeant Ian Fort
Eloise Mignon As Lou
Ryan Thomas Butler As Carrie’s Dad
Sonya Suares As Chandani
Daniel Fischer As Jamal
Tilly Legge As June
Dinesh Mathew As David Sharma
Cazz Bainbridge
Troy Davis As Snr Constable Chaston
Hannah Bath As Mrs. Phipps
Olive Weeks As Susan
John Voce As Father Campbell
Carole Patullo As Greer
Will Ward-Ambler As Ron Smith
Hayley Edwards As Adult Annabelle
Indey Salvestro As Ferret

Other Supporting Cast of The Clearing:

Teresa Palmer

(Credit: bloody-disgusting)

She is an Australian model and actress. She has had a thriving profession in film and television, starring in various films that span different genres. Palmer was recognized for her part in the movie “2:37” and went on to appear in films of note like “The Grudge 2” (2006), “December Boys” (2007) and “Bedtime Stories” (2008). She also appeared in the critically well-reviewed production “Take Me Home Tonight” (2011) as well as the”Warm Bodies,” a romantic zombie film “Warm Bodies” (2013).

In 2016 Palmer was a key character in Mel Gibson’s war-themed drama “Hacksaw Ridge,” which received praise from critics and was nominated for a number of Academy Awards. In addition, she was in films such as “Lights Out” (2016), “Berlin Syndrome” (2017) as well as “A Discovery of Witches” (2018). Palmer was also involved in television shows including “The Slap” (2011), “Point of Honor” (2015).

Guy Pearce As Dr. Bryce Latham

Pearce is an Australian musician and actor who has had a wide and rewarding career in television, film, and the theater. Pearce started his career as an actor in the mid-80s beginning with Australian television shows like “Neighbours” and “Home and Away.” One of his breakthrough roles was in 1994 when he played one of the drag queens in his Australian movie “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”

This role earned him international attention and critical praise. He gained fame for his role as a talented but struggling detective in 1997’s film neo-noir “L.A. Confidential,” which won him wide praise and was nominated to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Anna Lise Phillips As Hannah Wilczek

Phillips is an Australian actress who has had an impressive career in television, film as well as the stage. Phillips has appeared in numerous Australian as well as international films, showing her talent and versatility. One of Phillips’s prominent early roles was on the Australian TV show “All Saints” (2001-2003) in which she played the role of” Dr. Erica Templeton.

They performance of her on the show “Medical Drama” brought her fame and established her in the business. She continued to appear on Australian television, appearing on shows like “White Collar Blue” (2002), “Cops LAC” (2010)”Cops LAC” (2010),”Cops LAC” (2010), and “Tomorrow, When the War Began” (2016). Phillips has also been featured in numerous films. She portrayed the character Sam on her role in the Australian thriller “Animal Kingdom” (2010).

This series blurs the line between the past and present between reality and dream in a way that is frightening that draws inspiration from actual religious cults from Australia and across the globe. The show gets deep into the psyche and the mind that the viewers. The show will be following Amy (Palmer) who is a young mother who was raised by a childhood in a cult of religious belief. Amy will be required to confront demons from her past to prevent girl disappearances within the region.

The film was shot within the State that is Victoria, The Clearing is a psychological and emotional thriller that explores the nightmares of a cult as well as an individual who is confronted with the ghosts of her past in order to stop child abduction and coercion that will befall innocent kids in the near future. The series probes beneath the skin and inside your mind and blurs lines between present and past real and dream in truly terrifying ways.

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