The Faculty REMAKE Coming Soon? (Robert Rodriguez Producing)

The Faculty REMAKE Coming Soon? (Robert Rodriguez Producing)

The horror remake wave includes the popular nineties film that became a cult classic Faculty Don’t Believe an Instructor featuring Josh Hartnett ( 40 Days and 40 Nights – Halloween H20 – 20 years later ), Elijah Wood ( Sin City, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ) and Jordana Brewster ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Fast and the Furious ).

The story of horror that debuted in 1998, is now being made into a brand new film made with the talents of none other than prolific Robert Rodriguez ( Planet Terror, From Dusk Till Dawn ). The only thing we know as of now. Who will follow the path of Rodriguez who was the director of the first film and who will also direct the film? The faculty isn’t yet confirmed.

The cast is also yet to be identified and neither is the screenwriter’s successor Kevin Williamson ( I Know What You Did Last Summer Scream ) who wrote the script to Faculty Don’t Be a Trustworthy Teacher.

In the following 25 years, the Faculty receives a re-design

Was the first film’s subject matter? We all remember that in high school, in Faculty -“Trust No Teacher All chaos is ablaze! Seven students make a terrifying discovery: a virus that is not familiar to them is slowly infecting all the teachers.

The seven students are doing everything they can to safeguard the remaining students from the threat of alien body-eaters. However, the invaders multiply at a rapid rate.

To stop the spooks, they have to identify and eradicate the chief of the invading force. Before that, it is crucial to find out if anyone within their ranks is affected by the virus.

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