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The Holiday Stocking (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Holiday Stocking (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Holiday Stocking cast: Tamala Jones, Nadine Ellis, B.J. Britt. The Holiday Stocking Release Date: 3 December 2022 (HMM). The Holiday Stocking Director: Roger M. Bobb. The Holiday Stocking is looking full of Family. Christmas is all about magic and miracles, so the timing is perfect for a miracle between two estranged sisters in Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ first holiday movie for their Mahogany brand, The Holiday Stocking.

The Holiday Stocking is an American Family movie (2022). Tamala Jones, Nadine Ellis, B.J. Britt are the main cast of The Holiday Stocking (2022). When viewers meet bachelor Dani (Nadine Ellis) and married mother Marlow (Tamala Jones), they learn that the two have grown apart due to a series of personal tragedies over the years. The Holiday Stocking release on HMM 3 December 2022.

he holiday stocking sounds very interesting and like a good movie. Hallmark Movies And Mysteries in 29 minutes. So excited about this movie! The first Christmas movie from the Mahogany brand. To get a dream assignment – shooting the Chang family’s annual holiday party for a cover story – she doesn’t reveal that they are in fact, her family. When she finds herself growing close to Henry, the coworker covering the story with her, she wants to confide in him but doesn’t want to jeopardize her big break.

The Holiday Stocking Plot:

New angel R.J. returns to earth as a stranger and has the chance to help his sisters to reconcile, something he didn’t accomplish in his lifetime.

The Holiday Stocking Detail:

Movie: The Holiday Stocking (2022)
Network: HMM
Director: Roger M. Bobb
Writer: Cas Sigers-Beedles
Main Stars: Tamala Jones, Nadine Ellis, B.J. Britt
Genre: Family
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 3 December 2022 (HMM)
Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes
Also Known As: The Holiday Stocking, The Holiday Stocking Movie, The Holiday stocking (2022), HMM movies

The Holiday Stocking Cast:

Tamala Jones As Marlow
Nadine Ellis As Dani
B.J. Britt As RJ
Mykelti Williamson As Robert
Ahaise As Jamal
Exie Booker As Stefon
Mary Fanning Driggs As Sarial
Lonzo Liggins As Frank
Alireza Mirmontazeri As Patron
Briana Price As Theresa
Karon Riley
Cheryl Vienna As Mrs. Whitlock

Wish the plot and tradition behind The Holiday Stocking were more interesting or made more sense, but there were some nice moments between the sisters, like how they were immediately suspicious of how angel BJ Britt kept finding them were all watched while multitasking and none were compelling enough to regret that. Marlow and Dani, the sisters each have their own lives but in coming together we see a lot of chemistry between the family. They really do feel like family with each other. They both have lovely moments with their romantic partners as well.

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